The 5 mega-trends impacting talent and skills in 2023 and beyond

Whitepaper  •  23 January 2023

The last few years have been unprecedented in terms of disruption, change, and a renewed emphasis on achieving work-life balance.

Many commentators will look to the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions that came along with it as the driving force behind these changes. Surely as these restrictions and safety measures are eased, normal life will return?

This seems unlikely. The pandemic was a catalyst, not a cause. It only accelerated pre-existing mega-trends that were already “locked in” and largely inevitable.

In this guide, Phill Brown, our Practice Director – Data Analytics & Insights, explores the five mega-trends  impacting talent and skills in 2023 and beyond. He will offer predictions for the future, as well as actions that businesses can take to adapt to each mega-trend and operate effectively in the new world of work.

Each of these trends will shape the remainder of the 21st century. They are era-defining, unstoppable, and unavoidable. Yet by understanding the real drivers of a changing environment, we will be able to derive more effective and successful strategies for our companies, our colleagues, and ourselves.

Download your copy for immersive insights into the five mega-trends changing the world, including:

  • Demographic shifts 
  • Popping the “everything” bubble: A different form of recession 
  • A “new” new world order
  • The third age 
  • The technocratic era

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