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Recruitment  •  14 Aug 2023

Hiring the right talent has always been crucial for business success. However, competition is fierce in Singapore’s competitive hiring landscape. Companies with smaller headcounts or sporadic hiring requirements often face challenges optimising their recruitment processes and resources effectively, resulting in inconsistent, costly recruitment delivery. The solution to right-sizing and managing costs during business fluctuations is RPO On-Demand. 

RPO On-Demand, is designed to meet the unpredictable talent requirements of your organisation, regardless of size or industry. With its flexible and scalable solution offerings, companies can engage our specialist recruitment services on an as-needed basis, without a long-term contractual commitment or high-volume requirements.

In this article, we will explore how you can transform your organisation’s recruitment operations with RPO On-Demand and explore the benefits and advantages of an on-demand, scalable talent solution, specifically tailored for low-volume requirements. 

Accelerating Recruitment

Acquiring high-calibre talent for critical positions is key to success business scaling, but it’s not a simple task. Building up a proficient talent acquisition team before hiring on mass takes time, and it can leave you months behind the competition and delay project timelines significantly. With RPO On-Demand, you instantly gain access to dedicated recruitment resources and established procedures that have served our partners well for over 20 years. With decades of expertise at your disposal, outpacing the competition and punching above your weight in attracting top talent will be no longer a pipe dream.

Maximising Return on Investment (ROI)

Hiring for critical roles is not just time-consuming – it’s also expensive. Job advertisements, passive candidate sourcing, shortlisting, and interviewing add up quickly, and can cripple an HR team with competing, business-critical priorities. The alternative is no exciting prospect either – spending less on recruitment can mean a compromised talent pool and less ability to acquire the right talent, which can lead to negative knock-on effects on expansion or project quality. Our switch on and scale up services offer the best of both worlds here. With RPO On-Demand, you can leverage our expert head-hunting resources when, and only when, you need them. With the freedom to adjust your hiring volume and scope as needed, you have a recruitment strategy that’s both agile and affordable.

Empowering Recruitment Decisions with Data

Companies seeking specialist talent in Singapore encounter their most significant challenge in the form of severe skill shortages. Amidst intense competition among various organisations for the same specialised skills to propel business growth and transformation, adopting an effective data-driven approach to recruitment becomes imperative. Talent intelligence enables the utilisation of resources by understanding the talent market landscape and focusing on the most effective strategies and channels for attracting top talent.

Specialist talent in Singapore is highly sought after and it can be tempting to hire candidates that alleviate front-of-mind problems but don’t meet your growth needs in the longer term. RPO On-Demand comes with a range of centralised competencies that mitigate this. RSIntelligence, our proprietary intelligence tool provides tailored talent market intelligence (MI) and expert analysis, to empower you to make data-driven recruitment decisions. With valuable insights otherwise reserved for large organisations and budgets, you get the whole picture of the talent you really need to enhance your expansion, and the means to hire them.

Maintain recruitment efficiency and delivery whilst scaling (up or down) 

Need to make a critical hire or build a team to capitalise on an impending business opportunity? A ramp-up in hiring demand can overwhelm companies with limited hiring capacity and/or unanticipated fluctuations in hiring pipeline. Reactive adjustments can hamper and dilute an organisation’s overall recruitment efficiency and delivery outcomes.

With RPO On-Demand’s scaling capabilities, you get to focus on aligning talent needs to developing business priorities. Your dedicated team will ensure that your hiring is consistently aligned to your recruitment goals, while mitigating the time and recruitment spend commonly associated with scaling or downsizing so you can secure top talent faster and accelerate your key business priorities.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

The importance of your reputation as an employer has never been more pronounced. With a deluge of choices, candidates now demand more from the outset, including how they are treated as a candidate. First impressions are key, and a high-quality, consistent candidate experience makes the difference between being an employer-of-choice versus one to avoid, and there is little margin for error. Your RPO On-Demand team are an extension of your brand and candidates will experience a seamless and engaging recruitment experience from us. From personalised communication to timely feedback that’s aligned to your company values, our services ensure that candidates feel valued, engaged, and connected to your cause throughout the hiring process.

If RPO On-Demand sounds like something that could support your immediate or future recruitment needs, please get in touch with us, or download our guide to find out more about our flexible, low-volume recruitment solution.

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