Mind the Gap: 7 ways to build your talent pipeline for the future (and tackle the skills shortage with effective recruitment practices)

Market Intelligence  •  16 January 2023

With the economy in turmoil and still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, political upheaval and the ongoing conflict in Eastern Europe, many businesses are hunkering down and pulling back in an attempt to protect themselves from the impact.

But while this is an understandable response, history has taught us that continuing to prioritise growth is key to weathering the storm of an economic downturn. And failing to make strategic recruitment decisions now could cost you your business.

The well publicised a skills shortage and a labour market which is struggling to keep up with demand, means that short term recruitment strategies will not solve the problem or give businesses access to the resources they need to grow.

Investing in your people resources and creating a future proofed talent pipeline that will plug skills gaps while deliver the opportunity for ongoing value is more important now than ever. This means that people leaders must look for innovative solutions which are able to flex and adapt to modern ways of working, as well as provide strategic talent for the future needs of the business.

In this e-guide, we’ll be covering 7 ways to build your talent pipeline for the future and ensure that your recruiting budget is spent wisely and effectively.

Download our e-guide to access expert insights, including:

  • Addressing critical skills shortages           
  • Attracting and retaining a diverse workforce
  • Maintaining engagement during recruitment and beyond
  • Workforce resilience
  • Future proofing your talent pipeline for long-term
  •  Compliance and risk mitigation

And much more!

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