Looking for a new kind of people power? Workforce Consultancy is here to super-charge your workforce!

Written by Jessica Holt  •  Recruitment  •  24 January 2023

We are thrilled to announce our Workforce Consultancy service is here to power-up the world of work, giving you ongoing access to a pool of on-demand, highly skilled talent, from entry level through to experienced accredited professionals – from specific individuals to whole teams or entire functions:

Where do we specialise?

  • Project & Programme Delivery: (Business Analysts, Process Analyst, Project / Portfolio Analyst, Portfolio / PMO Manager, Project Planner, Project Manager, Programme Manager, Programme / Project Director)
  • Change & Transformation: (Change Analyst, Change Manager)
  • In-demand Skills: (Software Developers, DevOps, Data Engineers, Data Analysts, Full-Stack Developers)

Employed, trained, mentored and supported by us, our consultants are fully embedded in your organisation. You don’t have to do anything except tell us what you need to achieve and we will deliver the high value, engaged people resources that will save you money and power your business growth.

Save money!

Plug your talent gaps and future proof your workforce with an innovative new approach to recruitment encompassing resources that have been expertly trained to deliver the skills your business needs. Our clients make meaningful cost savings (10-25%) when compared with traditional contractor spend.

No risk. No brainer.

There is no legal or regulatory liability, no training gaps or demands, no recruitment or onboarding headaches and no pastoral care or mentorship required. And once you love your new resources, you have the option to transition talent to your permanent workforce after 12 months. 

Still not convinced? 

Here are some of the benefits of Workforce Consultancy:

  • Early careers talent trained specifically to meet businesses’ skills requirements
  • Welfare, pastoral, and professional development provided by Workforce Consultant experts
  • Cost savings (10-25%) – with payroll and compliance covered by Workforce Consultancy
  • Risk mitigation around co-employment, tenure restrictions, AWR alignment and IR35
  • A highly engaged pool of highly skilled diverse individuals who are ready for deployment

Say goodbye to expensive, risky recruitment - this is a new kind of people power.

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