H2 2022 Market Intelligence Report

Market Intelligence  •  13 September 2022

Which labour market trends are making waves in your region? Our H2 2022 Market Intelligence reports are now available, featuring curated insights, trends, data, and statistics from the APAC, EMEA, US, and the UK.

Simply select your region, download your copy, and stay ahead of the curve.


Insights include:

  • How low unemployment led to Europe’s labour market shortage
  • Country-specific insights from Ireland, Germany, France, Spain and more
  • Job vacancy rates across key European markets over the past three years,
    broken down by quarter


Insights include:

  • Why contingent hiring is on the rise and how companies are rewarding their contingent staff
  • A deep-dive into BFSI in India, China, Singapore, and Hong Kong
  • How the top four workplace trends in 2021 played out in 2022


Insights include:

  • Why demand for labour is yet to peak
  • How to address current skills shortages
  • The potential impact of the UK’s four-day week trial


Insights include:

  • Is the US in the midst of a recession?
  • Why the current pace of job gains cannot last forever
  • The industries that stand to thrive over the next few months, and those that are bracing themselves for the worst

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