Five recruitment problems that can be solved by an RPO specialist


Securing the right talent for your organisation is crucial to its on-going success. There are many recruitment-related problems which left unchecked, can severely impact the business reaching its goals. Delays in onboarding critical talent, rising recruitment costs, and a lack of visibility over the recruitment funnel, can all hamper efforts to scale a business and take advantage of market conditions when opportunities arise. 

Here are five key recruitment-related problems that can be mitigated by enlisting an outsourcing partner: 

Problem #1: High turnover in a specific role or department

Retaining talent is the key to maintaining competitive advantage. Loss of critical skill sets, business knowledge and productivity are all by products of employee turnover. If you notice increasing turnover in a specific department, this could indicate an underlying talent management issue that needs immediate attention. While many factors can cause attrition, the key is to identify it early enough to reduce its impact. Poor team fit and non-competitive compensation and benefits are two of the more common reasons for attrition. Outsourced recruitment teams are specialists in closing the attrition gap, particularly in the first 90 days with robust recruitment and onboarding processes. They understand the candidate drivers for each market they work across and provide advice on current salary and benefits to make sure you remain competitive, in real-time. 

Problem #2: Lack of recruitment data 

Recruitment data is often difficult to capture, and even more cumbersome to interpret into actionable insights you can build a robust agile recruitment strategy from. Without this insight it’s difficult to identify where gaps in recruitment practices exist, and craft improvement plans to enable a more efficient recruitment process. Outsourcing providers are specialists in capturing and interpreting recruitment data, with experience drawing insights from multiple ATS and recruitment systems. Reporting and analytics are offered as part of the solution and in addition to offering real-time data insights, they also can provide competitor and market bench marketing to ensure you maintain competitiveness in today’s fast-moving talent landscape.  

Problem #3: Rising job offer rejections

You may notice an increase in job offers being rejected by candidates of late, which has the knock-on effect of increased time-to-hire and reduced productivity. The coined ‘great resignation’ is affecting almost every business, in almost every industry. It’s a candidate market and being able to secure experienced, exceptional talent is becoming difficult. In addition, the last 12 months have seen a seismic shift of employee values and expectations. In order to attract and retain talent, organisations need to understand each market they operate in and adapt their talent attraction strategy and hiring processes, so they don’t miss out on securing the talent they need to drive their business forward. An RPO partner has high visibility of the talent landscape, with specialists dedicated in the areas of talent attraction and employer branding, providing you with the intelligence and insights to keep your hiring process and talent attraction strategies agile, and impactful.

Problem #4: Difficulty sourcing new and niche skillsets

Similar to changing employee priorities, organisations have also realigned their business to take advantage of changing market conditions in the past year. In some cases, this has meant a lateral move into new sectors or relocating operations to low-cost markets. Often aligned to a shift in business strategy, are pockets of new skillsets to be hired, and new locations to hire into. This complicates existing talent attraction and recruitment processes for your recruitment teams, especially if it is a new business unit or geographic location, they’ve no experience recruiting into. An RPO partner can help navigate the complexities of changing business model. Outsourcing providers have experience recruiting in multiple global locations and are specialist in building talent attraction strategies to hire for niche, specialist and volume roles, across multiple industry sectors. 

Problem #5: Inability to ramp-up hiring to meet demand

Now, more than ever, business agility is key to maintaining competitive advantage. The ability to scale your business where and when you need to, can make, or break the ability to meet organisations goals and ambitions. 

Your organisation has just announced opening a new site. The in-house recruitment team is already stretched, and both the recruitment timeline and budget are tight. This is a typical situation where an experienced RPO partner can help get your new workforce onboarded and project completed in record time, and at minimal cost. Project RPO providers can have a scalable recruitment team onboard in a matter of weeks, reducing the need to pay costly agency fees. Rolling with the peaks and troughs of the business needs, they can deploy recruitment teams to recruit talent for a variety of niche and critical mass role requirements.

Interested in identifying and mitigating other symptoms of recruitment-related problems? Download our Guide to Building a Business Case for Outsourcing your Recruitment for more insights.