4 strategies to leverage technology for better recruitment outcomes

Technology  •  08 June 2021

Data-led, data-first – it’s a phrase that many organisations over the last 18-months have adopted in response to staying competitive during a time of great upheaval. With digitisation as a strategic priority, we’ve been advising our clients on streamlining their recruitment practices with these strategies in mind:

Maintain data integrity and accuracy

When it comes to data sources – there are plenty to mine from. The obstacles arrive when organisations aren’t discerning when combing through data. It may sound simple, but data integrity and accuracy are key to generating significant insights to aid a business. Automation of data will always require a deft hand and watchful eye to ensure its iterating appropriately. Lesser known issues, like bias in historic data, requires anti-bias approaches to ensure the data is appropriately addressing the state of a business today.  

Modernise skills-based recruitment

The approach to skills-based recruitment has changed significantly over the last few years. In a recent white paper we published, Skills – the key to the intelligent age, we reported on studies showing that by 2022, 42% of core skills required to perform existing jobs are expected to change. As a result, an average of 33% of skills needed just three years ago are no longer relevant. Organisations need to modernise their approach to recruitment. Start by prioritising the evolution of workforce composition and seek out candidates with evolving skill sets. 

Integrate your tech so the benefits are shared

Often, businesses leverage different pieces of technology or software in a siloed response to address specific and separate pain points. This is especially common in the recruitment space, which doesn’t allow for businesses to take advantage of all the benefits available to them when finding connections amongst technology. Try to put into place technology that complements each other, so your business can enjoy the full benefits of an integrated tech stack.

Workshop your data sources to uncover more 

The most agile and competitive organisations have empowered a data-first approach across all business units instead of relying solely on a specialist data team. By workshopping data sources and drawing upon expertise that exists in your organisation, you might be surprised at the discovery of new data sources and creative solutions that wouldn’t have been found without cross-department collaboration. 

To find out how you can use technology and data to drive decision making, download our ‘6 Step Guide to Strategic Workforce Planning’ whitepaper.

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