Is your HR department playing catch-up?

Some studies have indicated that HR departments are lagging behind other corporate divisions in adopting disruptive technology and embracing solutions that genuinely challenge the way an organisation works. As a result, people decisions are often made instinctively or based on subjective advice from external consultants, with few tech solutions embedded into the processes.

The Innovation team at Resource Solutions delivers bespoke research and trials pioneering, innovative solutions for both our organisation and our clients. With over 85 solutions currently being explored across diversity, onboarding, predictive analytics, augmented reality and talent attraction, 2016 is shaping up to be a year of meaningful change.

We predict 2016 will be the year HR catches up with more data-savvy functions. From candidate filtering to employee reward and development, there is a tech to enhance and streamline every part of the recruitment process.

Here are just a few new solutions for HR leaders to keep on their radar:

  • Tandem
    With some companies abandoning the traditional annual appraisal, Dublin-based Tandem aims to provide a new solution for performance management. Tandem blends the principles of coaching with rich data reporting, all easily accessible via mobile devices. The platform facilitates 360° feedback, with feedback from managers being rated anonymously by team members. Data is presented visually, allowing managers to see trends, and provides personalised coaching reports as well as providing employees with personalised performance snapshots of their progress and development.

    Access to Tandem is by invitation only at present, but we love the consumer-like experience of Tandem’s user interface, providing companies with a potential replacement to the more traditional annual review.

  • is an employee engagement and culture mapping platform. The importance of organisational culture has been widely recognised, with products such as the Happiness Index providing organisations with real-time insights into how they are perceived by their employees. aims to take this further by providing an Organisational Culture Mapping (OCM) solution which visualises your culture now and in the desired form, and pinpoints areas for development. The difference from other solutions is the focus on the desired culture rather than just providing a current sense check. is currently operating mainly in Finland and the Netherlands, but this is one provider to watch in 2016.
  • Arctic Shores
    Arctic Shores produces science based games which are specifically designed to assess key business skills and traits, such as risk propensity and entrepreneurship. Arctic Shores currently operates primarily in the early careers space, embedding their science based games in to some leading corporate attraction and assessment processes. Arctic Shores took home the award for ‘Most Disruptive Startup’ at the Spring HR Tech World disruptHR contest in London.

    The games assess hundreds of data points, providing richer insights than would traditionally be available from traditional psychometric assessments. They are fun to play and are visually impressive - more similar to the likes of Angry Birds than a traditional psychometric test. We believe Arctic Shores is transforming psychometric assessment for the millennial generation.

Resource Solutions is committed to bringing innovative solutions to everything we do. We focus on new technologies, solutions and models to ensure we are offering industry leading services as well as cultivating an internal culture that provides a platform for every employee to contribute to our own business innovation. To hear more about our latest innovation research and trials follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter or contact

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