4 incredible advancements in HR technology that emerged over the last year

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When there’s a crisis – there’s an opportunity. 

As we reflect on the biggest remote working experiment to ever take place over the last year, there have been sweeping advances and innovation in 4 areas of HR Tech that helped support and scale recruitment when businesses needed it most.  

AI-Driven Search & Match 

With the market slowly recovering, the number of applications businesses are receiving has skyrocketed. Many people are re-entering or entering the workforce for the first time, such as graduates and those who may have been laid off over the last year. Platforms like Phenom People, have leveraged AI to increase efficiencies in matching candidates to adverts while also providing them with a highly-personalised experience. 

Remote interviewing 

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest shifts in our day-to-day has been the adjustment to video tools. From meetings to interviews, video is now entrenched in the recruitment space as we continue to navigate global restrictions. In response, widely-used video interviewing software has been working at lightspeed to ensure a seamless and integrated candidate experience that may have been unthinkable a year ago. 

Training and Reskilling 

As the UK continues to face skills shortages across various verticals – especially in the tech space – many organisations are looking within to train and upskill their employees to fill their future needs. As more and more of our clients look to us for our expertise, we’ve launched Resource Solutions ACCELERATE – a brand-new academy programme that partners with organisations to attract, assess, train, certify and employ future-ready talent.  

Employee Wellness 

With the shift in employee behaviour adapting to remote working, physical and mental wellness has become a major priority. At Resource Solutions, we’ve been actively researching and consulting with our clients to determine what innovative technology can be deployed to assist – and that’s pulse technology. Quick “check-ins” that can be easily sent to all employees to gauge how they’re doing, and in response, activate immediate supports should they require it. 

To find out how you can link industry innovation to your future workforce plan, download our ‘6 Step Guide to Strategic Workforce Planning’ whitepaper.