Three reasons organisations need to double-down on their digital efforts

Future of Work  •  23 June 2022

It should come as no surprise that many parts of the world – especially in the UK – have been facing a progressively growing skills shortage year-on-year. Over the period of remote working, companies have been pouring major investments into further digitising their operations and upskilling and retraining existing employees to be more digital-savvy. 

Technology, software and the people who can build and work in this space are key

A report from Microsoft and LinkedIn expects the creation of 150 million jobs thanks to accelerated digitalisation. To handle this influx of job vacancies and candidates, HR will need to use the innovative software out there to manage virtual recruitment, producing quality hires, solidify a talent pipeline and keep candidate pools warm. And the market will require the tech talent who can build, maintain and iterate on these programs, which leads to: 

Upskilling and retraining for a (more) digital future

Not to sit on their laurels, competitive organisations across the globe are responding to their digital journey by taking matters into their own hands. For example, PricewaterhouseCoopers has committed $3 billion in learning and development opportunities to upskill and retrain every employee in their network over the next 3-4 years. These organisations are aware that this skills shortage will not be answered traditionally with graduates and new talent alone, but there’s a major opportunity to capitalize on within: retaining and developing your own employees. 

Recruiters are adapting by leaning on their own digital expertise

Recruitment has always been a people-based business, but that doesn’t mean recruiters aren’t using technology to efficiently create and personalise interactive experiences with candidates and clients. For example, at Resource Solutions, our Innovation team works in tandem with our recruiters, clients and consultants to ensure there’s a digital-first element to all of our services.  

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