Raconteur's Talent Management report

Diversity  •  04 March 2022

Raconteur’s Talent Management report, their latest Special Report in association with The Times, explores the ongoing impact of the great resignation and why talent management is perhaps more important than ever.

The ability to effectively recruit, onboard, upskill and ultimately retain good talent may make the difference in a market where job seekers hold the cards. What are the factors contributing to the tight recruitment market? How should businesses manage the digital (and increasingly remote) workplace?

Featuring unique perspectives on essential recruitment and workplace topics, the full report shines a spotlight on what it takes to attract and keep talent. Download yours for exclusive insights and best practices around building, developing and protecting your workforce, including:

  • Onboarding in the virtual workplace  The importance of onboarding may be overlooked by those outside the world of talent management. Research suggests that nearly nine out of 10 HR and talent management professionals consider the induction process to be a crucial determinant of a company’s overall success.
  • Is proximity bias damaging women’s career prospects? – Proximity bias is a real risk facing firms that employ both office-based and remote workers. What’s more, it’s likely to have a bigger negative impact on women.
  • How to address male mental ill-health in the workplace  Research indicates that men often defer seeking treatment for mental health conditions until they become severe. What can firms do to encourage male employees to obtain support sooner?

Diverse hiring is a business imperative, not just a moral argument," he explains. "All humans possess bias, so it’s safe to assume your hiring managers and recruiters are no exception."

In addition, Tom Lakin, Global Practice Director at Resource Solutions, shared insights into the hidden biases that can exist within a company’s recruitment process, and how an inclusivity audit can help bring them to light – enabling companies to make meaningful change.

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