4 ways to reengineer your hiring process to be more inclusive

When your hiring process needs an infusion of inclusions, Resource Solutions can help. There are several steps any organisation can take to improve in this area. Here are our top four. 

1. Diversify Your Hiring Panel

People typically like to hire people that are like them. Ensure your hiring panel is composed of at least two or more women and/or members of underrepresented communities. This can help eliminate potential racial bias during the interview process.

2. Analyse Pay

In the United States, some policies that have already been put into place to prevent wage gaps include the elimination of salary history inquiries and the requirement of businesses with over 100 employees to submit wage information to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). To ensure pay is fair regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender, conduct a pay gap analysis.

3. Establish Mentorship Programs

The Harvard Business Review reported in a case study that the share of management roles within one business increased the proportion of black male managers by eight percent, and black female managers by nine percent when a college recruitment program was implemented. Create a mentorship program that matches individuals with different cultures and backgrounds, and be transparent about the objectives of the program. Or, encourage the creation of voluntary employee resource groups (ERGs). If a mentorship program is beyond your company limitations, encourage active allyship.  for understanding how to be a better ally at work.

4. Implement Inclusive Referral Programs

If the majority of your workforce is one demographic, then hiring solely on referrals alone may perpetuate a homogenous culture. Ensure employee referral programs are open to the entire organisation and not just certain groups. Track your channels to identify discriminatory patterns, and evaluate all applicants (referrals and non-referrals) on the same qualification materials.

We have even more tips for how to increase inclusion. Download our ‘Diversity: Practice Beyond Theory’ whitepaper for even more ways to improve inclusion at your organisation.