Access pools of experienced, fully-vetted talent available for mid-to long-term demand.

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Recruit. Refine. Deploy.

A fast, flexible route to bridging your skills gap

Our Augment service offers swift delivery of fully vetted highly skilled and experienced consultants who can then be deployed to you on a contingent basis.


Our consultants are empowered with accredited training aligned to your industry, are fully-vetted and available for mid-to-long-term assignments, so they can bring real, concentrated value to any project.

As our pool of consultants are employed with Resource Solutions on a permanent basis, we take on all compliance risk, including co-employment and IR35, for complete peace of mind.

In addition, you will benefit from the ability to trial talent before making permanent hires. 



Good for business

  • Save up to 15% compared to hiring contractors
  • Consultants are available for placements of six months or longer
  • Mitigation against IR35/AWR/co-employment legislation risk
  • A hassle-free way to scale talent requirements up or down 
  • Single channel through services procurement/SOW or MSP
  • Consultant objectives can be aligned with bonus payments


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