Bespoke and blended packages overseen by a Practice Lead to deliver performance.

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Recruit. Tailor. Deploy.

A capability framework built for real strategic gains

Get swift access to in-demand skills while solving your broader talent issues with our Assemble work packages. We focus on performance and capability output, and deliver services assembled to resolve your organisation's specific challenges. 

Remove the reliance on expensive consultancies and service providers through a partnership ensuring optimum performance delivering to your strategic goals. 

Our consultants receive ongoing accredited training to continually evolve their skills and capabilities.

Aligned to our seasoned Practice Leads, we build a governance layer that ensures the methodology and delivery of requirements are being met. 


Good for business

  • Consultants are extensively vetted and assessed
  • Build, borrow and buy the skills you need to drive projects forward
  • Complement and strengthen your skills capability framework
  • Ongoing learning, development and skills training for consultants
  • Reduce the need for day rate contingent workers or consultancies
  • Filter prospective candidates by skills most aligned with your framework


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