Harness the power of future-ready talent in a matter of weeks. 


Accelerate: your future-ready talent pipeline

Accelerate gives you access to early careers talent or job changers – without the responsibility of managing their learning and development journey and all associated costs.

We will attract diverse graduates and entry-level talent from across the UK and provide accredited training to equip them with the technical skills and commercial experience your organisation requires.

Dependent on skills focus we can bespoke our bootcamps to run for as short as a week or up to 12 weeks.  We incorporate a blend of learning methods which immerse them into achieving a deep capability and understanding of the technical skills required.

Our consultants only enter your organisation once they are fully prepared for their assignment. We define a learning and development career framework for the first two years of their deployment, providing ongoing mentorship and coaching, so they can continue to deliver outstanding work.


Good for society and for business

Improve workplace diversity, encourage social mobility and provide re-skilling opportunities

Continued training and development delivered through a range of learning styles from bootcamps, live labs, courses, videos and direct technical mentor support.

Our consultants provide organisations the ability to grow their future workforce, heavily supported by mentors and a learning framework that build the talent organisations need.

"Following the Accelerate programme, I am confident that I can develop my career with Resource Solutions. The programme seemed like the perfect way to get back into the industry and accrue the necessary skills, knowledge, and contacts for moving forward in my career."

Accelerate Consultant
London, UK



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