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Attract and retain top talent that buy in, wholly

What is your organisation’s story and how do you tell it?

Today’s candidates are inundated with choice. To break through the noise, it is important to help them understand who you are and what you have to offer. 

In a world fundamentally changed by the Covid-19 pandemic, where job security is paramount, yet skill shortages are still prevalent in many markets globally, your employer brand and the authenticity of your message to employees and candidates is more important than ever. 

Businesses that effectively deliver on their employer value proposition can decrease annual employee turnover by just under 70% and increase new hire commitment by nearly 30%


More educated and informed

Because the abundance of free information, we know so much more about how employers treat their people and we have become more demanding about what we feel is right for us. Being embedded in the day-to-day recruitment teams of hundreds of clients worldwide we have an intimate understanding of talent demand and candidate expectations.

Craving honesty, involvement and authenticity

Whilst organisations are challenged to find new skills for new roles, candidates and employees are craving honesty, involvement, and authenticity, especially from leaders. In a world where candidates, like consumers are exposed to a vast array of information, authenticity is expected and the minimum price of engagement.

Unlock insights with our Sprint EVP Methodology

A typical Employer value proposition project will spend considerable time, and budget, in research, often taking many months to get to any kind of output. Our ‘sprint methodology’ is designed to help clients unlock the knowledge already stored in their internal and outsourced teams who deal with client stakeholders and candidates every day. 

We use this insight to move swiftly to a prototype EVP and key messaging that can be put to work quickly and tested live in market through a set of communication & advertising tools. The EVP can then evolve and develop to meet changing needs or market conditions, while the underlying messages remain. Meanwhile, analysis from the research phase and feedback from the prototype in market can feed broader people and culture workstreams without lengthy and expensive research and consultancy projects.

  • Research

    We gather together analysis points that underpin the EVP and its messages. A useful primer for deeper-dive culture or people projects and a key tool for communicating the EVP with senior stakeholders. 

  • EVP prototype development

    Using our conclusions from our analysis, listening and benchmarking we develop a prototype EVP.

  • Creative development

    Once your EVP has been agreed, we develop the look and feel, creating options on headline style, copy tone, key initiatives and rationales.

  • EVP and creative toolkit

    Once a preferred creative round has been chosen, we develop the tools to make an early on-the ground impact. Providing a copybook and message matrix, a visual framework of guidelines including fonts and imagery, and sample templates giving guidance on applications such as video intros and social posts.

  • Activation workshops

    We create interactive sessions for EVP ambassadors taking them through the logic, structure and creative, and apply practical activation exercises.


Identify your brand values to attract and retain employees

Translate your company values to organisational action

Amplify your workplace culture through storytelling and imagery

Improve employer-employee-candidate relationships

Create and implement impactful workplace culture initiatives

An EVP should capture the distinctive nature of your offer to the talent your organisation needs across the entire candidate/employee lifecycle

Duncan Ward, Global Director, RSConsultancy, Resource Solutions

Harness the power of 100 employer brand experts'

Our global team of brand and experience consultants work with our clients to deliver engaging, authentic experiences to candidates. We offer the combined knowledge of over 100 employer brand specialists with recruitment expertise of one of the world’s leading outsourced recruitment providers. 


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