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An evolving ecosystem

The assessment vendor ecosystem has evolved exponentially over the last few years. Predicting success and enabling meritocratic recruitment has never been more important. Our specialist practitioners can help you navigate this complex landscape by identifying and validating the perfect assessment toolkit.

Assessment programme pilot management & tracking

Assessment technology is an ever evolving and increasingly crowded market and it’s key that employers choose credible, verified and ethical products that suit both the organisation and role requirements. 

The reason many assessment methodologies fail is that the buying decisions are typically made on compelling sales pitches rather than following independent validation and verification pilots.  Accurately delivering and tracking a pilot ensures that clients can be confident in their approach.

Benefits - Our comprehensive assessment toolkits are designed to help you make important decisions with confidence. 

Vendor selection process

This service module provides assessment vendor mapping and advisory in new vendor selection process.  

Accurate tracking

Acting as the conduit between client and vendor, we ensure that that the pilot is delivered according to the original brief and that performance is accurately tracked. 

Predict success

Our independent validity study designed and managed by our assessment practitioner will help you determine if the assessment can accurately predict success and be used for selection. 

Experience impact audit

We provide an in depth assessment and experience impact audit through multiple candidate and hiring manager impact lenses (including D&I and UX). 

Full case study

The output includes a full case study detailing findings and recommendations that are presented back to the client.

Is gamified assessment the answer to meritocratic hiring? 

In this instalment of Hire Wire, we explore the exciting world of gamified assessments, including the nuances of this technology, the traits and behaviours it can reveal, and what makes it such a timely innovation. 


Financial Services client wowed by consistent selection for technical and soft skills


As the impact of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence on jobs becomes clearer, employers are becoming increasingly interested in soft skills and behavioural testing. They understand the need to future-proof their hiring processes and prepare their business for the next 5-10 years by incorporating testing for both hard and soft skills, and taking a “total person” approach.

With this project, our in-house Innovation team aimed to introduce consistency in the selection process and enable a whole-person assessment by combining technical screening with soft skills personality testing. 


We piloted Podium with our UK Financial Services client as part of their internal talent redeployment campaign, hiring into multiple leadership positions. Podium is an assessment provider specialising in custom behavioural and ability assessments, and their personality tests are especially valuable for hiring into senior roles. Podium’s bespoke and actionable feedback reports are loved by hiring managers as they are accessible to all, without any specialist training needed. 


  • 95% assessment completion rate: Exceptionally high considering the project focused on leadership positions where candidates are not used to on-demand video interviews and psychometric assessments.
  • 4.75 / 5 candidate satisfaction rating: All candidates scored the experience at either 4 or 5 stars, and there was no bad feedback.
  • 100% of candidates found the Podium interface easy to use.
  • Candidates’ feedback was extremely positive – 100% highlighted ease-of-use as the main benefit.
  • Hiring manager feedback was also overwhelmingly positive, whilst suggesting that developing a bespoke Podium assessment should be considered so that if can be fully aligned with the client’s performance indicators. 


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