Rejoin Talent

Investing in returning talent

Highly experienced professionals that are ready to help scale and elevate your business

Designed to help employers close skills gaps by introducing them to a pool of experienced professionals – all the while investing our time in building and nurturing returning talent in preparation for the new world of work.

Wealth of experience and transferable skills

We introduce businesses to a market of highly experienced professionals who are equipped with knowledge, maturity and fresh perspectives. Primed with resurgent talent, you can now be ready to scale, elevate, and disrupt business objectives in the new world of work.

Access to high-calibre talent

According to the UK Government Industrial Council, there are 17.4m high-skilled jobs across the UK – but only 14.8m high-skilled workers. Rejoin gives you access to an untapped pool of experienced professionals to help future-proof your organisation. 

Cost-effective sourcing

A Rejoiner can be a cost-effective way to bring experienced employees into your organisation, compared to traditional percentage-based fees for successful senior-level hires.


Capitalising on the talent drain

The ‘brain drain’ of female talent at middle and senior management levels is a challenge for many organisations. Hiring Rejoiners is an effective way to expand and boost your senior female talent in organisations. This can also have a positive impact on gender pay gaps.

Broader attraction, better retention

A successful Rejoiner can have a positive impact on a brand’s image, demonstrating support for parents and carers in the workplace. It shows that an organisation welcomes non-linear career paths and values the role that carers play in our society. 

Business for good, and good for business

Supporting people who have taken a career break to find their way back to the workforce is good for society and good for the economy. Creating pathways back to appropriate roles provides a viable choice for people looking to pause their careers at some point.

Benefits of investing in Rejoin

Rejoiners offer employers a wealth of experience, transferable skills, and blue-sky thinking.

With almost a quarter of workers actively planning to change jobs, such a move will have considerable cost implications for employers. By hiring Rejoiners, employers can tackle skills shortages, improve workforce pay and diversity, all while increasing your organisation’s attractiveness for future employees.

These highly experienced professionals are ready to help scale, elevate and disrupt business objectives in the new world of work.


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