Resource Solutions wins Award for Innovation at the APSCo Awards for Excellence 2021

Written by Guy Burchett  •  Resource Solutions  •  8 December 2021

Resource Solutions took home the Award for Innovation at the APSCo Awards for Excellence 2021. 

This category recognises the most pioneering ideas to be brought to the recruitment market over the last year. Resource Solutions’ in-house Innovation team won the award for developing an Inclusivity Audit, which takes an in-depth look at our clients’ recruitment practices, spanning seven Diversity & Inclusion lenses – Ethnicity, Disability and Neurodiversity, LGBTQ+, Age, Socio-economic Background and Faith – across 12 stages of the candidate journey.

Resource Solutions’ market-leading audit service applies the findings of over 100+ respected academic research papers and studies to unearth the hidden biases that may be embedded in an organisation’s recruitment processes. 

Equipped with tangible results and data, Resource Solutions can then support clients in re-engineering these processes to maximise inclusivity and remove any aspects that may put certain communities at a disadvantage. These adjustments vary from client to client, but they can include banning direct questions about a candidate’s salary to avoid perpetuating gender pay inequality, or inclusive language optimisation to make job adverts easier to read in different languages. 

Tom Lakin, Director of Innovation for Resource Solutions, comments:

 “We are very proud to have our Innovation team’s work recognised by the APSCo Awards for Excellence, particularly as we have seen first-hand the positive impact our Inclusivity Audit has had on both candidates and clients. We are excited to continue inspiring meaningful change, promoting inclusive workplaces, and providing pioneering answers to one of the biggest challenges, and opportunities, facing HR today.”

The Recruitment Inclusivity Audit is now available to new clients. To find out more, click here.  

Tom Lakin
Advisory Practice Director
Resource Solutions