Resource Solutions’ Schroders team volunteer at Felix’s Kitchen

Written by Saima Choudhury  • RS News  •23 August 2022

At Resource Solutions, providing our people with opportunities to take part in charitable initiatives and give back to their communities is an essential part of our employee value proposition (EVP), and we’re proud to offer one day of paid volunteering leave a year as part of our benefits package. 

In London our team of recruiters, working on-site at global investment manager Schroders, recently spent their paid volunteering leave packing surplus food for Felix’s Kitchen, a brand-new venture from The Felix Project.

The Felix Project is a London-based initiative that collects nutritious surplus food from suppliers and delivers it to charities and schools, enabling them to provide healthy meals and help the most vulnerable in our society. As an extension of this, Felix’s Kitchen is a unique facility where this food is used to create delicious ready meals, with menus that change daily depending on the ingredients that come through the door. In the borough of Tower Hamlets, where the kitchen is based, 55% of children live in povertymore than double the UK and European averages.

The Schroders team were split between working in the kitchen, where they boxed up meals, or the warehouse next door, where they gathered large quantities of crated food and drink for different charities. Members of the team had previously volunteered for Felix’s Kitchen, and following the experience, were inspired to invite their teammates to join them. 

“This was such an enjoyable and rewarding day,” says Olivia Figg, one of the volunteers. “I loved being able to meet and work alongside other volunteers – all with the same mission at such a great organisation which supports free food deliveries for families living in poverty”. 

Felix’s Kitchen launched in July this year, in time to deliver 1,000 meals a day for school children and families over the summer holidays, when holiday hunger reaches its peak. The initiative will scale up to provide at least 6,000 meals, and ultimately make 1.5 million meals in a year. It will be staffed by a team of professional chefs supported by volunteers, while training programmes will be run to help people in the local area. 

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