Resource Solutions launches ‘Rejoin’ community for experienced professionals returning to work

Written by Guy Burchett  •  Rejoin  •  08 July 2021

Resource Solutions today announces the launch of Rejoin, a new community programme to help experienced professionals return to work after a career hiatus. The service provides candidates with access to exclusive training, wellness partner and coaches, and connects them with Resource Solutions’ client base of global brands and corporates.

Speaking on the launch, Norma Gillespie, CEO of Resource Solutions, said:

“A lot can happen in a short space of time. During any length of career break, methods and ways of working change and the skills required to excel evolve. The COVID pandemic has accelerated these changes further still. Rejoin has been developed to provide candidates with the confidence, support and connections they need to relaunch their careers in the post-pandemic jobs market. Whether you’re returning from starting a family, redundancy, caring for others or recovering from a personal illness, we are here to help you put your best foot forward.”

Candidates that sign-up to Rejoin are provided with training from Resource Solutions to help upskill and prepare for new working environments, as well as personal one-to-one advice from partner wellness coaches on everything from their physical and emotional health, to dealing with the anxieties of returning to employment after time away, and managing a transition of care for dependent family members.

Edina, who recently secured her first role after a 20-month maternity break through a pilot scheme of the Rejoin programme, said:

“Before joining the Rejoin community I felt a bit rusty and lacked confidence. I had to take the time to remember the technical terms and business language that I used before. Laura, the recruiter, was very thorough; she took the time to go through my CV and past roles in detail, so she can understand my experience and skills to match me the best possible role. I was provided amazing support for getting ready for interviews, even so far as a mock interview and help with how to best present myself. By the time the interview came around my confidence was boosted and I was able to shine. With the help of the Rejoin programme, I did not have to compromise on taking a position that would mean a step backwards or sideways in my career, and I would recommend it to anyone wanted to return from a career break.”

Resource Solutions’ clients benefit from Rejoin as they are connected with a diverse and multi-generational group of untapped, high-calibre professionals who are already equipped with the mindset and aptitude to meet their strategic needs, then trained to ensure they can fit seamlessly into their organisations. It also offers employers the opportunity to tackle skills shortages and improve gender, age and cognitive diversity.  It can also be said that visual representation of returning professionals can have a positive impact on brand image, signalling an organisation’s support for parents, carers and non-linear career paths.

Norma continued: “Our clients come to us for advice on how to build and manage their workforce to face the challenges of tomorrow. Rejoin is another way we can help to connect them with high-quality talent and ensure they can continuously deliver on their strategic imperatives”.

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