Resource Solutions announces partnership with the FEM programme

Written by Robert Gould  • RS News  • 05 May 2022

Resource Solutions is delighted to announce our partnership with fem. – the Female Executive Mentoring programme. Following her experience as a mentee in a previous cycle, our CEO Norma Gillespie has returned as a mentor to continue supporting the programme’s mission to create leadership spaces that are inclusive for all women.

fem. connects women breaking through in senior roles with established senior leaders – male and female – who are eager to share their professional expertise and support others to map out and achieve their career goals over the course of nine months. The programme aims to accelerate the pace of boardroom diversity, both through one-to-one mentoring and creating a wider community of leaders who want to make a difference.  

There are regular opportunities for all participants to meet and network through quarterly events and informal connections. As mentor-mentee pairings are cross-industry, matching professionals from different backgrounds and disciplines, fem. enables participants to build relationships and gain perspectives from across a range of industries and sectors. In order to ensure long-term sustainability and impact of the programme, all past and current participants are encouraged to collectively drive change as inclusive leaders, and to ‘pay it forward’ by supporting and developing others.  

Commenting on the partnership, our CEO Norma Gillespie said:  

“I’m so grateful to be involved with the fem. programme. Experiencing a mentorship from both perspectives has been a unique privilege. The advice, insights and connections that I received as a mentee proved to be invaluable when moving into my current role as CEO of Resource Solutions. As a mentor, I’ve been able to empower another individual in the same way, which is immensely satisfying, while also learning so much from them and their experiences. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on gender parity, but moving forward, I believe programmes such as fem. will play major part in correcting this imbalance.”  

To find out more about the fem. programme and future mentorship opportunities, please contact 

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