Resource Solutions Announces Partnership With National Children’s Charity NSPCC

Written by Guy Burchett  •  Resource Solutions  •  9 November 2021

We’re delighted to announce our formal partnership with the UK’s major children’s charity, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). 

How we as a business are helping  

We’ve previously worked closely with the NSPCC to sponsor their showcase Trailblazers events, which help fundraise for Childline, the free, private and confidential service for vulnerable children who just need someone to listen. Our most recent sponsorship of one event in 2021 helped raised more than £10,000 in aid of Childline. 

Heartbreakingly, many calls to Childline go unanswered. A child contacts them every 25 seconds, but the team has been stretched because of the pandemic, and lockdowns have been particularly difficult for children. This means that Childline is currently able to respond to just 1 in 3 children who need their help.  

Sponsorship of Trailblazers and Childline 

We have agreed to sponsor more Trailblazers events in 2022, aiming to raise at least £30,000 – which is how much it costs to keep Childline running for just one day.  

Speaking about the new partnership, CEO of Resource Solutions, Norma Gillespie, said: 

“As a mother of three, I’m thrilled and delighted that we’re formally partnering with the NSPCC. This is a wonderful opportunity for us all at Resource Solutions to expand how we support Childline, giving back to those in need and supporting a really worthwhile cause.  

“Working with the NSPCC, we’re providing various ways for our people to help individually. From taking on the Royal Parks Half Marathon or the Peak District Challenge, right up to raising thousands of pounds by running the London Marathon, there are so many ways our people can get involved.” 

Read more about the NSPCC and the work that they do on the Childline website