Norma Gillespie, CEO, Resource Solutions joins the prestigious SIA Staffing 100 Europe list

Written by Guy Burchett  • News & PR  •  18 November 2021

SIA Staffing 100 Europe list

The SIA Staffing 100 Europe list is a directory of movers and shakers in the staffing industry, a collection of 2021 influencers who are recognised for making a difference in the world of work.

“While the pandemic is ongoing, the staffing industry is holding strong. As with previous recessions and disruptive technologies, the industry has evolved and survived. And that speaks to the leaders who have navigated the twists and turns of this economy and made sense of the magnitude of changes happening in the world of work,” writes Subadhra Sriram, editor and publisher, media products, SIA.

The European staffing market is a €157 billion operation, and the Staffing 100 Europe List calls out those entrepreneurs, CEOs, reformers, lawyers and businesspeople with a wide range of skills and accomplishments who hail from a multitude of staffing markets in the region. 

Norma has been with the Group for 14 years and an individual who has achieved long-term career progression within the business having held both global and regional roles across sales, operations and client delivery for new and existing clients during her tenure. Norma has extensive Agency, RPO and MSP experience and has been accountable for managing recruitment spend of over £1.2bn and revenues of circa £50m per annum.

Norma said of her inclusion on the list this year:

“ This is a great honour, not just for me but for the entire business. The industry is recovering from the unprecedented challenges of the previous year, so to be recognised by SIA is a testament to the strength and resilience of the entire team at Resource Solutions.”

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