From recruiter to innovator

Written by Guy Burchett  •  Resource Solutions  •  26 July 2019

Tom Lakin started his career with Resource Solutions in 2011 as recruiter on site with one of our technology clients. Today, Tom is a Senior Manager in our Innovation team, working with some of the world’s leading brands to improve their recruitment processes with the latest tools and technologies. We asked Tom about his career journey with Resource Solutions.

I started my career on a retail graduate scheme and then spent seven years in agency recruitment specialising in graphic design and digital marketing. Education-wise I studied Business at undergraduate level and later studied a Masters in Career Development. I joined Resource Solutions in 2011 and have worked at our London head office since 2015.

What attracted you to Resource Solutions?

Initially, it was the amazing clients I could have the opportunity to work with. After deciding to move to an on-site recruitment role I researched the options available, and it became apparent that Resource Solutions had the most innovative and future-focused clients. The pace of growth at Resource Solutions was obvious from my first conversation and that buzz was incredibly infectious!

What are you most passionate about professionally?

I love change and making things better. I have a particular interest in careers and the workplace – we spend so much of our lives working so I am passionate about making this as stimulating, productive and fun as possible.

How did the transition from recruitment to innovation come about?

I was lucky to spend over three years on site with Resource Solutions at one of the world’s most innovative technology companies. The client was very curious and always challenging us as recruiters to be creative in our talent acquisition strategies. I loved this part of my role so when I saw that the Innovation team at Resource Solutions’ head office was growing, I jumped at the chance to further my career in this area.

What about working as an on-site recruiter has helped you succeed in your current role?

The role of the Innovation team is to identify innovative opportunities for both Resource Solutions and our clients, so having lived and breathed on-site recruitment for a number of years, it has enabled me to intuitively assess what will add value and what won’t.

What do you like most about the kind of work that you do?

The team is a centralised function so I love being able to meet thought leaders from all of our clients across financial services, consulting, media, pharmaceuticals etc. – it may sound like a cliché, but no two days are ever the same. The role also requires me to research consumer and talent trends, which is fascinating and adds a creative aspect to the role.

When you show clients a new innovation what kinds of feedback do you receive?

Clients are often amazed at the pace of change. A recent example is virtual and augmented reality – the latest enhancements provide an incredible, immersive experience which has endless opportunities for talent acquisition and engagement. It’s fantastic when a client tells us that something we have introduced to them solves a real problem or pain point.

What traits/skills/values do you need to be a successful on-site recruiter at Resource Solutions?

Being obsessed with client service and a genuine team player are requirements across all our accounts but other skills will depend on the client and role – you will need to be process-led for some roles whilst others require a more creative approach, for example. Integrity and ethics are also essential as on-site recruiters are trusted advisors to our clients.

What is your favourite Resource Solutions memory to date?

For me personally it was when it was announced that we had been awarded an account which remains one of the biggest financial services RPO contracts globally. On a somewhat different note, seeing my colleagues wearing inflatable sumo suits in Covent Garden for our charity day is something I am unlikely to ever forget!

What advice do you have for anyone considering a role at Resource Solutions?

Contact the Internal Resourcing team immediately! The resourcing team recruit for all of our clients as well as our head office. They know the culture, personality and nature of each of our clients so can genuinely help you find your perfect home within the Group.