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Podcast  •  22 July 2021

The demand on businesses today to unite their people is more prevalent than ever. What physical, operational and emotional experiences are they having over what we want them to have? And how does this affect attraction, engagement, retention and productivity?

Our Head of Sales for EMEA and the US, Pete Donaldson and Alistair Dornan, Director of Organisational Wellbeing Consulting at Gallagher, discuss how people - employees, customers, suppliers and communities - are reacting to businesses during this period of tremendous change.

Are HR / business leaders prepared to drive culture, train our leaders, and give them the resilience to adapt? Are we doing enough to create a stronger shared experience for our employees’ mental health and wellbeing?

Join us as we dive into the dangerous mix of situations accelerating leader burnout; the importance of Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) considerations for recruitment and retention; your potential and current employees’ expectations; and the actions we can all take to create a positive people experience.

Pete Donaldson

Head of Sales  / EMEA & US

Resource Solutions • LinkedIn

Alistair Dornan

Director, Organisational Wellbeing Consulting Gallagher


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