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From well-known mainstream brands, to some of the smaller start-up organisations looking to make their mark, Resource Solutions help clients in over 31 countries secure the talent they need to maintain a competitive advantage and transform their business.

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With the sector going through an unprecedented amount of change, while concurrently being crippled by critical talent shortages, maintaining productivity and competitive advantage is hard to achieve. 

This is where Resource Solutions workforce and advisory solutions can help. We specialise in bespoke recruitment solutions, tailored to your specific business needs, and designed to drive your business forward.  

Some of the challenges we can help you overcome include:  

  • Sourcing and attracting and critical hires in a talent-short market  
  • Rapid business expansion and the need to scale-up to meet growth targets  
  • Moving business functions to emerging markets  
  • Reducing recruitment costs  
  • Reducing time-to-hire timelines  
  • Build employer brand and improve candidate experience  
  • Talent market intelligence provided by RSIntelligence

Our current Manufacturing clients include:

Consumer Goods


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