Will your next interviewer be a hologram?

Twins in the hall

The recruitment industry is often a trailblazer – pioneering the use of new media channels and automating what can often be, even now, an administration heavy and time consuming process. However in other ways, such as consumer (or in our case, candidate) engagement, the industry can drag its heels.  So many ‘innovations’ hailed by the industry are in fact simply new twists on the traditional job board. 

Some of our most successful reimagining of recruitment for our clients has focused on utilising products and strategies not previously associated with recruitment.  For example, we have recently been exploring augmented reality as a candidate engagement tool, despite this particular tech being more closely associated with cornflake packets and FMCG campaigns!

With this in mind, our bid and innovation team headed down to Digital Shoreditch to ask the question – “what’s next?”.  Here are some hot topics from the event and how we feel they could impact the recruitment and talent sector:


Augmented reality and holograms are being used (currently primarily in high end retail, though we still love this example from Sharp Electronics and UNIQLO) to provide a truly interactive online experience.  Holographics can create a visual illusion, giving the impression that an individual in 3D is actually present.  Could this remove the need for physical interviews?

Voice & sound

One of the big takeaways for us was the industry excitement  (including start-ups such as Yappie) around voice and sound.  Voice is so compelling to users, so why is user generated content typically written rather than spoken?  The move towards a dictating software (Cortana) audio CV or spoken reviews on Glassdoor may be sooner than we think…

Beacon technology

Essentially low-cost transmitters of data (think GPS but for indoors), beacons have been snapped up by retailers such as Harrods to provide shopper behaviour insights and marketing opportunities. Surely the next careers event you attend will be buzzing with beacons to help you navigate…

We’re trialling some great tech innovations for our clients and will be updating our progress here so do keep checking in. Contact us directly if you are interested in finding out more about how we can transform your recruitment solutions.