Is your business playing the mobile catch-up game


Have you ever tried to apply for a job at your own company using your mobile or tablet? What was your experience like? How many taps did it take you to apply? Exactly how mobile is your business? Now more than ever, having a seamless candidate journey via mobile is imperative to the recruitment process.

Candidates expect mobile friendly websites

PC users are switching to mobile at warp speed: more than a third of Americans search  the internet only on their smart phones or tablets1. Figures in the UK are similar, with 40% of internet time now spent on mobile devices2.

The generation now entering the workforce views the PC as something that’s at work (or in the other room, if they have one at home): they spend their money and browsing time on their mobile device. Significantly for recruitment, this is where they will also spend their time researching companies and applying for jobs.

In fact, in a recent survey by Glassdoor, 89% of employees who admit they plan to look for a new job in the next year say their mobile device is an important tool and resource for their job search3.

Employers aren’t delivering...yet

But employers are not reacting quickly enough to changing candidate requirements and stand to lose out. If employers want to be first in line when a new candidate starts job hunting, they need to have mobile-friendly websites. Our research shows that only 10% of employers in Asia have a specific regional careers page that is mobile friendly4. Figures are similar in the US where only 13% of employers have mobile versions of their website5.

HR professionals are aware of this imbalance though, as a recent LinkedIn survey shows: 87% think their company does NOT invest adequately in mobile friendly ways to find and nurture talent6.

We hope this signals that they won’t miss the opportunity to innovate to keep pace with their candidates’ requirements. There is a raft of new tech companies coming to market with quick mobile solutions and, as an recruitment outsourcing provider, Resource Solutions is making sure that our clients know about them.

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