What can the RIDI Awards teach us about valuing disability and diversity in the workplace?

RIDI award sponsor

Diversity and disability in the workplace is undoubtedly something to celebrate as it provides a great wealth of benefits to any office or organisation. These values stand for openness and inclusion, helping to establish a workplace with employees from a wide spectrum of backgrounds. The RIDI Awards, short for Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative, celebrate diversity and disability in the workplace and represent a platform to help spread this message. Resource Solutions is proud to be a sponsor of the 2016 RIDI Awards.

“We are on a continuous journey with our clients, corporate partners and employees to bring diversity and inclusion efforts to fruition," says Janine Chidlow, Managing Director, EMEA & Americas for Resource Solutions. "Removing barriers ensures we realise our potential as a global business and we are proud to recognise those who are making strides to towards a more inclusive tomorrow.”

Since the first RIDI Awards in 2014, the awards have become a leading beacon in the pursuit of openness and inclusion for recruitment specialists. An annual event, now drawing in many industry-leading organisations, there are 10 categories of awards that can each teach us something about valuing disability and diversity in the workplace.

Reaching out

One of the categories at the RIDI Awards is dedicated to those who are proactive and smart in how they reach out to pools of talent when looking to fill a position. Companies looking to increase inclusion can change how they look for candidates when filling a new position such as widening your net and sourcing candidates with disabilities. This ensures that disabled candidates are given the chance to impress and show what they can bring to a company.

Creating a unique team

Being open to ideas of diversity and disability within your team can only lead to positive results. It allows you to integrate people from all backgrounds, creating a more diverse and unique group of people that will become a part of your workplace.

This is advantageous for a number of different reasons. Firstly, it always helps to have different perspectives and ideas on certain problems as it allows you to find a solution from a number of different angles. In addition to this, having a team comprised of such a varied group of people can do wonders for team morale and allows everyone to learn a little bit from one another.

Personal guidance and motivation

Another category at the RIDI Awards involves individual disabled job seekers nominating an agency that has done a lot for them. This award emphasises just how far motivation, help and guidance can be when for some candidates. Additionally, a friendly and personalised professional experience whether it is with a recruitment agency or during an interview can do wonders for a job seeker and really give them the motivation to succeed.

Making the right adjustments

Those with disabilities can require some adjustments in the workplace or recruitment process in order to fully meet their needs and give them the greatest chance at succeeding. One category at the RIDI Awards celebrates those who have gone to great lengths to make the necessary changes and adjustments to optimise inclusion and diversity.

Congratulations to all of this year's winners. See the complete list of 2016 RIDI Award recipients.