Janine Chidlow, MD EMEA discusses employee engagement in The Sunday Telegraph

Olly Harris

The importance of an employer considering employee engagement from the first point of contact with a candidate and throughout the recruitment process, not just at the on-boarding stage, cannot be underestimated.

With a greater understanding of employment psychology and an increased emphasis on culture fit developing in recent years, employers today are looking at far more than simply matching job requirements with CVs.

There are two critical factors that must be considered in order to successfully source and retain the best talent: creating an inclusive culture that allows employees to be their authentic selves at work, and driving employee engagement from the very beginning of the recruitment process.

In an era of strong competition and demand for top talent, it’s particularly important for companies to articulate their DNA (values, culture and beliefs) at every point of contact during the hiring cycle. A successful employment match requires true compatibility, not just of skills, but also of the employee’s expectations and the company’s working culture.

Research shows that employee satisfaction and engagement depends not just upon executing responsibilities well but also feeling included in an organisation, able to contribute to its success and, critically, being able to be yourself at work.

Today’s increased focus on employee engagement has seen many market-leading technologies emerge to support it, revolutionising the way in which employers interact with candidates. Forward-thinking businesses are using apps, social media, gamification and video to connect with prospective employees and involve them in their culture from the very first point of contact, offering real insight into company DNA with innovative methods.

Not only does this modern approach promise an easier transition, it also delivers reduced attrition; if employees are able to affirm their compatibility with a company before joining, they’re likelier to achieve more successful employment and greater levels of satisfaction.

With increasing competition to retain high achieving employees through the growing practice of counter-offers, creating a strong sense of engagement throughout the hiring process is even more crucial. Candidates who already feel invested in their prospective organisation are less susceptible to retention tactics from their current employer.

At Resource Solutions we’ve been discussing the critical role of engagement for a number of years. We see a direct correlation between strong employee engagement, career longevity and the success of the business. Not least because employees who feel able to be authentic at work are more engaged and therefore more productive.

We actively encourage our clients to have the same conversations at the top of their organisations; focusing not only on the key issue of diversity but also looking at inclusion and employee engagement across all levels of the business and at every touch point with both potential candidates and existing employees.

As the principles that guide recruitment continue to evolve, one thing is clear – engagement is critical at all stages of employment. This is as true at the outset of the hiring cycle as it is ten years into an employee’s role. With the right approach, the use of innovative technology and a greater understanding of fostering engagement, companies can benefit from an engaged and motivated workforce, ultimately resulting in success for employers and employees alike.

(Published in The Sunday Telegraph, 3rd May 2015 via Business Reporter)


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