How do you know which specialist recruitment vendors are truly special?

Recruiter smiling at laptop

Long-lasting supplier relationships are often formed with one particular consultant. However, more effective and long-term support can be achieved through better engagement with the wider agency and not just an individual recruiter, who may move from one organisation to another during their career.

Engaging with a smaller population of trusted agencies will result in better motivated, knowledgeable and committed recruitment partners.

But while many recruitment businesses position themselves as specialists in their selected market disciplines, what is it that makes any agency truly stand out?

Here are five considerations when deciding what recruitment vendors to partner with:

  • Do they speak the same language as your hiring managers?
    Ultimately, credibility will come from demonstration of technical knowledge and understanding, but just as importantly can they distinguish one client from another? Can they appreciate the culture and nuances of your business? Do they try and sell you on their services without doing their homework about your business first? Do they raise valid questions when briefed on roles?

  • Do they have a tangible network?
    A good specialist supplier should have the movers and shakers in your market mapped out in their back pocket. Demonstration of their network – originality of their ‘reach’ into their candidate pool – and a willingness to provide relevant market insights, are all key.

  • Are they credible within their specialism?
    Whether they are a one-man band or a big professional firm, what it comes down to is how credible they are within their chosen field. Have they delivered results within this niche for other areas of your business or another client? Don’t be afraid to ask for case studies.

  • Do they understand and adhere to your recruitment processes?
    Effective placement of quality candidates is obviously key, but remember that there will be a recruitment model in place for a reason. How much time is wasted in managing rogue / non-compliant activity? Focus on investing time with your designated recruitment suppliers. It is through the sharing of knowledge and giving suppliers the opportunity to fully understand your environment that you will enjoy better support and quality of candidates.

  • Do they have their finger on the pulse on wider recruitment topics?
    Your suppliers should be able to support with requests for market intelligence, benchmarking, insights and trends. Are they demonstrating knowledge of the latest legislation changes? Suppliers with a global footprint can tell you what regional and/or cultural nuances you should be aware of. Proven partners will demonstrate a reach into the market that will add depth to the quality of their support and illustrate the breadth of their network and how they position you as an employer.

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