Reputation is everything: How shouting louder can help you hire smarter

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How much people can learn about the inner workings of a company has rapidly increased in recent years. This is largely thanks to the growth of digital platforms that give an insight into the who, where and what of everything - from the hobbies of the people that work there to sneak previews of up and coming products in development.

It’s becoming increasingly important for brands to understand and influence how they are perceived as an employer, and to invest time and thought into their employer brand reputation.

Provide candidates with a window into your world 

The Muse is one such platform that’s making waves in the employer reputation space. A popular US careers website, it features transparent, behind-the-scenes insight into company culture, office tours, coaching and employee insights for a new generation. The Muse aims to “help people find meaningful jobs at the best companies”. A lofty aim but the Muse has revolutionised employer branding in the US, with 50m+ visitors per year.

While the candidate experience is very different from the consumer’s, in an ideal world, a company’s employer and consumer brand should offer a frictionless experience between the two.

Build a meaningful connection

Great marketers understand that brands live in people’s hearts and minds. And every interaction with your brand either builds or destroys their perception.

One company that’s getting under the skin of this connection really well is AirBnB. Their brand identity is all about the feeling of ‘belonging anywhere’. It’s an ethos that’s carried through to their people - with a travel allowance of £1,500 for employees to empower them to discover the world too.

The employers that are succeeding today are the ones who are building value, regardless of how small each individual interaction might seem. They are taking opportunities to make their brand richer, deeper and more meaningful by raising awareness of their own good news.

Candidates want to hear good news stories

People are used to seeing consumer brands promote their achievements and spread good news about themselves. Yet there seems to be reticence among employers to do this. Our whitepaper ‘Candidate Experience in the Expectation Economy’  reveals that less than one in ten companies are effectively shouting about their achievements to the press. And only 9% of companies provide links to commercial achievements and media articles.

Talking about your achievements as an employer helps to keep you relevant in the marketplace and strengthens your employer brand by substantiating your values and purpose. Your customers are often a engaged audience , already attracted and engaged with your brand.

And there’s certainly a growing appetite for positive news. Google’s annual Year in Search 2018 shows that more people are searching the word ‘good’ than ever before, rising 40% in popularity in the last year. The world searched for good news of championships, medal counts and royal weddings, how to be a good friend, and how to be a good dancer.

You don’t need a marketing army to spread the word

The good news for you is that you don’t have to employ large marketing teams to earn the hearts and minds of potential employees with great brand stories. Marriott’s Facebook career page has almost 1.4 million likes, more than double the amount of likes on Facebook’s own career page. The company posts engaging content at least twice a day, highlighting individual workers’ accomplishments, what it’s like to work for the international company, and what’s going on across the Marriott network.

The use of your careers website and social platforms to showcase content that shouts about your achievements proudly can create communities that will further enrich your employer brand reputation. All of which will inspire positive culture-building behaviour that relates to your core purpose and strategic goals.

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