High hopes for Hyderabad: Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar started his career with Resource Solutions in 2012. Today he is a Recruitment Lead based in Malaysia on site at a multinational telecommunications company. We asked Satish to share his experience of working on site with Resource Solutions in Asia and what to expect from our new presence in Hyderabad, India.


Tell us how you ended up working for Resource Solutions?

I have worked in recruitment before but this was my first opportunity to explore the recruitment outsourcing side of the industry. The opportunity to work with one of the world’s best known telecom giants was very appealing, as was Resource Solutions’ affiliation with Robert Walters as they have a very good reputation in the market as an award winning business.

Tell us about your career progression within the company?

The opportunities Resource Solutions has given me to further my career have been numerous. Training has played a big part in my success in this role, for example I was sent to Singapore to receive management and high performance training. This investment in my personal development has given me the opportunity to improve my stakeholder relationship management skills, opening the doors to working on more senior roles and expanding my regional remit to include Singapore, Indonesia & Australia.

What do you value most about the Resource Solutions culture?

Exceeding targets and closing niche or senior roles can often be quite challenging. Resource Solutions really knows how to recognise hard work and celebrate success. The Group Incentive Weekend trips and High Achievers lunches are a real highlight!

If someone wanted to work for Resource Solutions in Hyderabad, what could they expect?

In terms of cost of living Hyderabad is quite a lot cheaper than Mumbai, Bangalore or other major cities in India, with some of the biggest shopping centres and entertainment venues - not to mention the best biryani!

On the work front, Hyderabad is one of the hottest IT markets in India. There is a wealth of researchers, architects and developers with proven expertise on various technologies, successfully delivering high performance solutions to large international clients. There is no shortage of top notch tech talent in this market. The fact that Hyderabad was the choice for tech giants like Google, Microsoft and Facebook when they wanted to set up in India proves it.

If one came to work for Resource Solutions in Hyderabad they could expect to be exposed to some of the world’s Fortune 500 organisations, long-term career growth, a competitive compensation package with handsome perks and benefits all while having a healthy work life balance.

What does it take to be a successful recruitment professional in this market for Resource Solutions?

Knowledge is power and keeping your finger on the pulse of what is going on in the market will help you make more informed decisions. Overall, being proactive and more importantly, being passionate about delivering quality is key to succeeding at Resource Solutions. The client relies on you to deliver, and individuals who are excited by this challenge will thrive in this environment.