Growing careers and expanding geographies: Hyderabad, India

Vandana Meattle

Vandana Meattle started working for the Robert Walters Group in 2010. Today she is Head of Legal - Asia, playing an instrumental role in setting up Resource Solutions’ new presence in Hyderabad, India. We asked Vandana to share her experience working with the Group in Asia.

Tell us about your career progression path with the company? 

Very early on, I was fully on board with the values, culture, and ways of doing business and I got to know my key internal stakeholders. I was soon promoted to Senior Legal Counsel and started supporting the entire breadth of legal functions for Asia.

Asia was in expansion mode in 2011-2012 as the Group expanded its footprint into several new markets and disciplines. The learning was both complex and interesting. I really came out of my comfort zone and took control of the situation. I was constantly collaborating with other stakeholders to solve meaningful challenges and apply unique approaches to problem solving. I was eventually appointed Assistant General Counsel in early 2014. The Senior Management Team and our General Counsel have been instrumental in building my long term career in the Group.

The company has always been extremely supportive and I am very grateful for all the opportunities that have kept me challenged over the years. It has been such a great ride - I can’t think of a better career opportunity that can offer the breadth and depth of skill set that I have acquired in the last few years at the Robert Walters Group.

What do you like most about our company culture? 
I love the fact that we do not take our culture for granted. We spell out our preferred culture, and plan and monitor it so that it remains aligned with what we want to achieve. The energy is infectious and I can identify with the Group’s values, vision and high ethical standards. The environment is very dynamic and entrepreneurial – we work hard but play even harder. There is never a dull day.

Tell us how you’ve been involved in setting up the Resource Solutions office in India? 
I have been closely involved with the India set up since its inception. It has been very fulfilling and exciting to collaborate with diverse internal and external stakeholders with the broadest range of industry and functional experience to set up India. India is perhaps one of the most exciting emerging markets in South East Asia and the only significant geography in Asia where the Group hasn’t forayed previously.

It is difficult to ignore a country with a population of 1.2 billion, average age of 26.6 years and approx. 12 million people entering the job market annually. There is clearly massive long term potential for the Group in India and promises of an opportunity for strong growth as India continues to be driven by internationalism and inflow of foreign companies.

What is the work culture like in India vs. Singapore? 
Singapore is highly organized while India thrives on chaos. India, with its large population, can appear rather unorganised but from this comes a multitude of employees who think out of the box and strive to find a solution for any problem. They seldom shy away from work or a problem. Having grown up in India and now having lived in Singapore for over a decade I appreciate both sides of the spectrum. What is common is a dynamic work environment with people from diverse backgrounds. Both Singapore and India are a melting pot of cultures and traditions, which constantly encourages people to step out of their comfort zone and face new challenges. At the end of a hard day at work, both Singapore and India offer gastronomical delight and fun.

If one wanted to come work in our new Hyderabad office what can they expect? 
Hyderabad is an interesting metropolis with distinctive linguistic and cultural traditions of North and South India. It has a good mix of young people seeking out their careers. With many IT firms, a booming trade centre and manufacturing industry, an interesting network of business families and a top Indian business school, the society is very dynamic and energetic and this is reflected in the working environment. English and Hindi are widely spoken across the board and would help new employees integrate faster. Resource Solutions is very good at creating a high performance business culture based on team values. I am confident that this culture will resonate across the Hyderabad office.


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