How to network your way into your dream job

Hikma Binte Jafar Resource Solutions

Hikma was working next to the Resource Solutions team before she joined them as a team member. Her career story is one that shows the power of networking, and how you can use this tool to work your way into your dream job. Having begun her career in HR within the investment banking sector, Hikma found herself sitting on-site with a Resource Solutions team and becoming interested in a move into recruitment. 

Tell us about your career journey and how your networking skills took you from HR to working on-site with Resource Solutions.

I started my career as a HR specialist in an investment banking company. This is where I developed an appetite for HR and hiring within the banking industry.

A few years later, I was working in the HR team for a banking firm and the friendly Resource Solutions on-site recruitment team was sat next to me. Daily interactions with this dynamic team led to me forming some great new relationships and finding out more about how on-site recruiters work. I got on well with the team and was interested in the roles they do, so that in 2016 when I was seeking a new challenge, the Resource Solutions team referred me for a recruiter role within the company.

I now know from personal experience, how important it is to network with those around you. These conversations are where you will find out about great opportunities, some which will be real game changers!

Networking also helps when it comes to absorbing new information and learning new skills. Resource Solutions initially took me on as a contractor for a 6-month role but I have been fortunate to learn and develop within the company and I am now employed as a full-time Direct Recruiter.

Overall, it has been a wonderful journey.

What appealed to you about moving to Resource Solutions?

The Resource Solutions team that I worked alongside were all incredibly positive about their experiences working for the company. Many members of the team discussed the learning and development opportunities that were available at Resource Solutions which greatly appealed to me. Knowing that I would be working for a reputable global company that is a leader within the RPO and MSP space was all the encouragement I needed to make the move to Resource Solutions.

Describe your typical day and tell us about what you enjoy most about working for Resource Solutions?

A typical day for me varies considerably and I enjoy the variety. I communicate with colleagues at all levels of seniority, and speak with hiring managers and job seekers to advise on recruitment processes and find the best candidates for open roles.
For me, the most enjoyable part of my day is the interactions I have with both new and familiar people. I really enjoy building relationships and helping to make a difference whether that is through presenting hiring opportunities to clients, helping guide my colleagues through the recruitment process or advising senior stakeholders on their hiring needs.

Why would you recommend a career at Resource Solutions?

Every manager that I have had at Resource Solutions has been brilliant, always encouraging me and keeping me motivated. They make it very clear that if you work hard and are driven to succeed, there are many opportunities for you to grow within the company.

It’s a fun place to work, and everyone from the top down is warm, friendly and approachable but also professional, mature and hardworking!


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