Four simple ways to engage your workforce

happy and engaged employee

While money is often cited as a career motivator, non-monetary rewards executed in an engaging way can help make employees happier at work and increase employee engagement and retention. Here are four simple ways you can recognise and reward your employees:

  1. Help your people recognise their peers
    Recent research conducted by the Robert Walters Group shows 32% of Millennials in the UK rate formal recognition of individual achievements (such as an employee of the month programme) as one of the most important ways to keep them engaged. This type of recognition doesn’t need to come from the top down. Get more employees involved by giving them the opportunity to recognise their peers for their hard work – after all, they are at the coalface, experiencing their colleagues struggles and successes first-hand.

  2. Surprise and delight with start-ups
    Companies such as Gems at Work, and The Work Perk help organisations reward staff with new products such as coffee and snacks delivered right to your office, for free. Other perk providers such as Perks at Work allow staff to access 30,000 unique discounts to major retailers via an app. For organisations with a larger budget, Perkbox’s platform allows management to send vouchers for experiences and merchandise to reward high achievers. On the back-end, employers can see what perks are the most -popular, to help make informed decisions about other staff incentives or benefits down the line.

  3. Partner with local heroes 
    Give employees time back during the day. Think of the types of errands your employees would try to squeeze into their lunchbreak or before they need to make their way home. Ask the local dry cleaner or cobbler to visit the office with a regular pick-up and drop-off time. If your office doesn’t have an on-site canteen, partner with a local café to bring food into the building for those who may have back-to-back meetings or want to feed that afternoon snack craving.

  4. Host ‘Lunch & Learn’ events
    Facilitate the upskilling and de-stressing of your workforce. Give your employees the opportunity to learn something new. Share your finance team’s spreadsheet shortcut secrets. Ask a member of your communications team to demystify new social media apps. Use these events to help relax your employees - bring in a yoga or meditation instructor. After every lunch & learn, send around a survey asking what topics employees would be interested in for future events.