Recruit these four women into your female network

Norma Gillespie

Research has shown, time and time again, that gender and ethnic diversity is beneficial to a company’s bottom line. And when I reflect on Resource Solutions, I’m proud of how we’re building a just future where our leaders are committed to gender-equality goals, because we know it’s more than just an economic imperative – it’s an ethical one.

For women who are looking to get into the industry – it’s imperative that they seek out women mentors and sponsors within the business. One of the many reasons why Resource Solutions’ gender split is heavily female is because we’ve worked hard to foster a culture where we want to help each other grow.

We have many women at the senior level – and I can vouch for all of them. They’re wonderful people who would welcome getting a coffee with colleagues at any position to act as a sounding board, or anyone looking to get into recruitment.

Never underestimate the power of a network – especially one full of women. After taking maternity leave, I was nervous about re-entering the industry. This business moves at lightning speed, and I had doubts that I could keep up. Thankfully, it was the women in my network – former clients, colleagues, family and mentors – that helped me walk in with my head held high.

Assemble your network. These are the women you’ll want in your roster to befriend, be a mentee of and be inspired by:

  • The Mighty
    Women have core strengths in emotional intelligence, and it comes naturally in terms of understanding what the landscape looks like around them. This particular figure shares your work ethic, always has a smile on her face, and knows objectively the best plan of action when you’re in a stump. Coupled with problem solving skills – this figure thinks critically on so many levels and shares an emotional intelligence that makes her your go-to.
  • The Marvel
    You’ll pick up this woman’s book, read it staunchly and put her words into action. She’s the role model that you aspire to be. For me, this is someone like Michelle Obama – a graduate from Princeton and Harvard, an intellectual property lawyer, mother, a model to young women, and someone who encourages people to spread their wings and do different things.

  • The Magnet
    Good organisations know that you don’t have to be the loudest person in the room in order to have the best ideas. If you’re on the more introverted side, that is a strength in itself. Leaders and supportive colleagues at your level will recognise that, raise you, support you and bring your ideas to the forefront. At Resource Solutions, we’ve got great people who aren’t the most confident in standing up in front of the whole company. Their ideas – facilitated through other avenues – are still heard, recognised, and help shape our business.

  • The Manager
    These women go out of their way to create safe spaces where women are truly able to air their grievances, talk about their personal matters, and swap stories – both good and bad. They act and make it their personal mission to create change – ensuring meritocracy in hiring, compensation, promotions and progression.

As you progress further in your career and personal life, your ability and time to develop career-building relationships becomes more limited. For women looking to climb the corporate ladder, they need to make contacts internally and externally early so that their network can help them navigate the organisation.

Surround yourself with these positive, optimistic people and they’ll protect you from negativity. And next thing you know, you’ll go from worker bee to queen bee, inspiring others yourself.