A guide to creating employer brand ambassadors

Olly Harris

The world today is more connected than ever before. One in three people globally have internet access, and one in four use social tools. This connectivity revolution has impacted every aspect of life, including the world of work. This creates new challenges – and new opportunities – for today’s people leaders, none more so than in the attraction of talent.

Whilst 93% of companies describe themselves as engaging in social recruiting, for many that goes no further than the broadcasting of jobs on social channels. So beyond broadcast, how can people leaders build social recruiting businesses?

To unlock enhanced recruitment business performance, organisations need to use social technologies to empower their employees and recruitment partners with the time, trust, confidence and capability to identify and engage talent.

This is the era of the social customer and candidate, with deep connectivity and third party insights into your organisation. Businesses that can weave social into all people processes – including their employee value propositions, advocacy, crowdsourcing, and candidate relationship management (CRM) – win the war on talent by benefitting from strengthened recruitment efforts overall.

At Resource Solutions, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the latest tools and techniques to propel their recruitment strategies to new heights.

In our latest whitepaper, 'Becoming a Social Business', we explore the scale of today’s networked economy, the emergence of the social candidate, and how organisations can assess their readiness to thrive in this connected world. Outlining the tools to build social talent pools, construct a powerful social EVP, and enable advocacy-at-scale, 'Becoming a Social Business' provides a road map to building a social recruiting business.

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