Aswinikanth shares his Resource Solutions story

Aswinikanth Tanaji

In two action-packed years that has seen him travel around Asia, Aswinikanth Tanaji’s career progress at Resource Solutions has skyrocketed. He is now Resourcing Partner for Barclays, based in India. He talks about his amazing journey, the reasons behind his success and life at Resource Solutions.  

Tell us about your career prior to joining Resource Solutions?

I started as a recruitment coordinator in 2011 with a small firm in Hyderabad. A year later I was sourcing technology profiles for IT clients. I moved to HSBC in 2014 as an IMC supporting 16 service centres – 13 in India and three in Malaysia and Colombo.

How did you first hear about us?

I received a call in 2016 from Sunitha Nasley, who is a Resourcing Manager for one of our global banking clients, informing me of an opportunity with a brand new Global Service Centre (GSC) being set up in Hyderabad. I immediately started searching Google and the company website. The content and articles on the Resource Solutions website introduced me to a new dimension of recruitment. I was amazed by the company’s global presence and how fast it was growing – providing solutions to the world's leading brands.  

What happened next?

I decided to apply for the position and was accepted to be part of the pilot team for the implementation of a major banking client account in India. After three months, I flew to Hong Kong to help the Resource Solutions client services team, and then led the offsite graduate team for a global financial services company in the Hyderabad GSC. We successfully completed this project in five months and I was promoted to the Country Lead role for one of our biggest banking clients. Now I’ve moved to work solely for Barclays as a Resourcing Partner, embedding myself within the organisation and building strong relationships with internal and external contacts.  

What appealed to you about moving to Resource Solutions?

After working in recruitment for over five years, I was looking for an opportunity that would allow me to start afresh and take my skill set to a new level. The idea of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) ticked all those boxes. I learnt about the Resource Solutions client base, the organisation’s global reach, internal mobility and growth opportunities. I then took the decision to apply and it has worked wonders for me by connecting the dots of my dream career. When it comes to attracting young and talented professionals, Resource Solutions is always a step ahead!  

Describe your typical day and what you enjoy most.

We start with our ritual of a daily huddle, followed by calls with the onsite teams. I then assist with queries and carry out some quality checks. I enjoy interacting with the team and I read out some of the positive client feedback that we have received and report on the numbers to showcase the team’s achievements. This is good for morale.

Why would you recommend a career with Resource Solutions?

Joining Resource Solutions has changed the way I look at my work. Gone are the days of simply completing tasks that were assigned to me. We have an exclusive project implementation team whose role it is to strive for greater operational excellence. The leadership team makes sure that every individual understands what their contribution is and the value they add to the organisation. I was part of the pilot team for the account implementation in India and later became Country Lead for offsite operations. After noticing how my career has progressed, many of my ex-colleagues want to work at Resource Solutions. I referred some of them and they’ve already started working with us here in Hyderabad.

What’s the best thing about working here?

Every day there’s something new to learn – you get so much work satisfaction. There is also a lot of focus on innovation and technology, which I believe keeps us ahead of the game. The working model and process implementation is so seamless that we all enjoy a great work-life balance and there’s also such camaraderie with plenty of team activities. And I’ve been so lucky to travel to places like Hong Kong and Singapore for work.

What qualities do you need to succeed in your role?

You must know how our onsite teams operate – that’s a critical part of your success working at a GSC in India. Every person must also get to grips with what it means to be fully committed to the client. That means truly understanding the minutiae behind Service Level Agreements (SLAs). I’ve worked on this a lot with my teams, as it helps to build and cement the partnership of our onsite and offsite teams, allowing us to deliver optimal results.

How would you describe the culture at Resource Solutions?

Two things immediately spring to mind about the culture here: 1) the celebration of diversity and 2) there are equal opportunities for all. There is a relentless focus on identifying people’s strengths and nurturing future leadership potential.

Aswinikanth’s top 5 – what makes Resource Solutions an employer of choice

  • The company: you’ll be working for a leading RPO with a global presence
  • Your career: there is no limit to your career growth; you’ll be recognised for your efforts
  • Internal mobility: demonstrate your talent and lots of opportunities will open up
  • People development: you’ll be backed and supported all the way by our leadership team
  • Fun culture: everyone is friendly and helpful; we work hard but we also know how to have fun!

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