Are you hiring recruiters or super sourcers?

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Ask any marketing specialist and they will confirm that consumer habits have undergone radical change in the space of the last five years. The media market is so much more fractured - we consume information in a huge variety of places, including traditional and social media. Sourcing candidates in this environment - even gaining their attention - now takes real skill.

So sourcers need the ability to:

  • Leverage social media to create interest and engagement
  • Influence, use and interpret data from social media and other internet sourcing channels
  • Hold multiple dialogues across multiple channels
  • Use tech quickly

Great sourcers are highly analytical and can make swift decisions about potential candidate ‘fit’ based on multiple data and evidence sets, such as video interview, technical interview questions or assessment responses.

Most importantly, they are highly proactive. Just advertising a job and sitting back to wait for the response can’t be relied upon to bring in the best candidates any more.

“As companies globalise and look for more specialised skills, the role of the recruiter becomes more and more important. And where do we want recruiters spending their time? Interviewing people? Or sourcing great candidates?”

Strategic talent advisors NOT recruitment process operators

A team member on-site now needs to manage many different complex SLAs, be aware of multiple targets and manage teams of stakeholders. We’re hiring and training people with a strong work ethic, who are extremely productive and have extremely developed stakeholder engagement skills. They have the gravitas to offer a consistently high level of consultancy at all client levels.

The professionals that flourish in today’s recruitment outsourcing market are business partners or strategic talent advisors who can intelligently consult as to the best route to market to find a particular candidate.

They will draw on their analysis of current market conditions, competitor activity and benchmarked salaries or rates of pay to help set a line manager’s expectations effectively about the type of candidate they’re likely to be able to find, at what salary and in what timeframe.

Keep them by delivering meaningful career paths

As RPO providers become more consultative and strategic, they need staff of the right calibre themselves.

"Professional recruitment outsourcing services are no longer about simply administrating a process and booking interviews," says Janine Chidlow, Resource Solutions' Managing Director, EMEA. "There is no space for the process only model anymore in mature markets like the UK." says Chidlow.

To attract the best talent, RPO providers have to deliver stellar training programs and offer varied, stimulating and rewarding career paths to their employees. That often means allowing staff to experience working with a selection of clients across different industries, which can create a source of potential conflict.

While clients may not want to see super sourcers leaving their account, the client benefits if the RPO provider keeps a firm eye on continuity and quality of service, underpinned by staff receiving solid training and development.

Are you a strategic talent advisor or super sourcer looking for your next career move?

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