AI game-changers in the recruitment industry right now

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is developing at an astounding rate, helping to make business processes the world over simpler and more efficient. We look at how it’s improving the recruitment industry.

Recruitment is just one industry going through a rapid transformation thanks to AI, with algorithms drawing up candidate shortlists, tools to read job descriptions, “recruiter” chatbots and more.

Here are just some of the ways AI’s cutting-edge tools are improving and streamlining the recruitment process, keeping managers, candidates and recruiters ahead of the curve.

  1. Streamline your candidate search with Arya

    The US-based AI platform Arya is a recruitment automation tool that “reads” through job descriptions, picks out relevant experience and skill requirements, and automatically builds a job search on job boards and sites like LinkedIn.

    According to Faye Walshe, Global Head of Innovation at Resource Solutions: “Arya is one of the market leaders globally, and after much research, Resource Solutions has selected Arya to be one of our sourcing pilot partners.”

  2. Gain data-driven insights with Horsefly

    “Horsefly has been around for years, but it seems to have found its niche in 2018,” says Resource Solutions Innovation Manager Tom Lakin. That niche? Collecting and providing talent supply and talent demand data.

    The platform engages with talent based on data collected, drawing up information on the talent available, even including how in demand certain candidates are. You can tailor your search, too: looking for female developers in Greater London? Or financial consultants in Birmingham? Horsefly can find you the perfect fit. Understand the talent available and the demand for them, using Horsefly.

  3. Communicate with candidates using Mya

    Using AI technology, Mya allows for straightforward matching and communication with suitable candidates. It applies matching algorithms and predictive models to shortlist large applicant pools and can automatically schedule interviews, so recruiters can prioritise their time with candidates most likely to succeed.

    “Mya is already signing up blue-chip clients and making significant partnerships,” says Faye. “It feels like a holistic product rather than a hodgepodge of apps, which sets it apart from its competitors.”

  4. Get to know the talent with Crystal Knows

    Every candidate is an individual, with unique behaviours, attitudes and communication preferences. Crystal Knows knows that, thanks to the data it collects on workers’ personalities and behavioural tendencies. It’s ideal for ensuring your newest recruits are going to fit in well with the rest of the team.

    It also allows clients and recruiters to adapt their communication style to better suit different personality types – building relationships from the get-go. Plus, by adding the handy Chrome Extension, there’s no need to leave LinkedIn while using it.

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Aside from these AI power-tools, there are plenty of others that can help you get ahead of the game when it comes to recruiting the right talent. Read more about what HireVue, LaunchPad Recruits and TextKernel can do for you in our downloadable eBook, 8 Game-Changing Innovations in AI.