Thinking about a career change? Here’s how to know if recruitment will be right for you

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Mary Poon was a trained accountant looking for a new role in finance, but when an offer of recruitment arose the opportunity was too good to pass up. A fast paced career with the chance to work for prestigious organisations and opportunities for development convinced Mary to change career paths.

Mary works in Hong Kong as a direct recruiter for Resource Solutions within a global bank and shares with us her tips for how to be successful in recruitment.

How did you come to work for Resource Solutions?

I trained as an accountant and initially got in touch with a recruiter to see if they could help me find my next accounting role. The finance consultant who was interviewing me asked if I’d be interested in a career as a recruitment consultant – she thought I had the qualities needed to succeed as a recruiter. We got to talking about what a career in recruitment would be like, and after hearing about the endless opportunities, the amazing incentives, job variety and incredible clients I was sold!

After a period away working for another RPO provider, I was approached by Resource Solutions and asked if I’d be interested in working onsite for one of the largest global investment banks at their Hong Kong headquarters. I jumped at the chance, and here I am still thoroughly enjoying it 18 months on.

Why did you decide to accept the new role?

Resource Solutions had been expanding rapidly on a global scale, and especially within the APAC region, which was a huge factor in my decision to join. Working on a prestigious account in a thriving sector was also a big plus. The company has won many high profile client accounts and increased its headcount significantly in the region these past few years – this is testament to the ambition and the quality of work that Resource Solutions is delivering for its clients.

It was a risk for me to move from accounting into recruitment but it was one that I definitely don’t regret. I’ve found a great career and can say that recruitment is the profession for me.

What’s a typical day like for Mary Poon, if there is one?

My days are varied, but my main priority first thing is to dive straight in to candidate calls, as this enables me to get a clear and thorough understanding of the person’s skills and background. These calls give me a chance to probe deeper and ask any questions I may have, and I enjoy this opportunity to speak to different people. I then provide feedback on the candidates I've spoken with to the recruitment partners, alongside their CVs. Next, I make sure I catch up with our offshore Global Service Centre (GSC) team in Hyderabad (Resource Solutions has four other GSCs in Manila, Johannesburg, Manchester and Jacksonville) to discuss recruitment strategies for the day.

Talk to us about Resource Solutions as an employer.

If you work hard, you’ll be rewarded for your achievements. It’s not just a case of financial compensation. Recognition from your manager and peers is so important, and that’s one area that Resource Solutions does so well. And then you’ve got your own personal job satisfaction and the feedback from clients, which is such an important indicator of the value that you’re adding. I was lucky enough to be APAC’s top biller for the third quarter of 2017 and we were taken to Singapore. We had lunch at the W Hotel and then spent the afternoon at Universal Studios. It was a fantastic experience - incentive trips are a brilliant way of unwinding but also meeting other high achievers and sharing ideas and best practice.

And the best part of your job as a direct recruiter?

The people, the values, the recognition and reward from management – and everything in between!

Mary’s top tips for success in recruitment

  • Be proactive in asking for feedback from everyone – your manager, clients, peers and direct reports.
  • All constructive feedback, positive or negative, is beneficial. It will help you improve your performance.
  • Share your successes and the challenges you’re facing with your team. Be open and honest. 

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