5 ways to launch a social media guide to your business

Social Media

Many organisations have restrictive employee guidance around the use of social media. It is important to have robust checks and balances in place for engagement, and there are an increasing number of web-based tools that provide the workflow compliance that is a pre-requisite for large organisations, particularly those working in regulated industries such as pharma and finance.


But to enable social business to happen, employers need to have in place guidance that encourages, rather than restricts, social media activity. When designing updated guidelines, ensure representation from across the organisation, and consider how you launch this campaign internally.

Having designed new guidelines that encourage employees to participate on social media, ensure employees are aware of them and understand them. Rather than hiding them in the darkest recesses of the intranet, include these tactics in your communications plan:

  1. Host a profile clinic
    Help your employees help themselves. Host a series of events where employees are offered hands-on support to update their profile. Bring in a photographer to take new professional profile pictures.

  2. Organise a desk drop
    Coordinate with your IT department to organise a desktop background take-over. Provide employees with a branded mobile phone stand or new mouse mat. 

  3. Audit employee profiles
    Name and shame the worst cases and highlight the best cases in your internal communcations.

  4. Hold an internal competition to encourage best practice
    Let employees to see how they rate against one another in the social space.
    Gamification tools such as Leaderboarded.com, Badgeville.com or the LinkedIn native ‘How you rank in your company’ tool allows you to track performance and assign rewards.

  5. Demonstrate senior leadership buy-in
    Showcase a tweet or post from your most senior leader. Include links to senior leaders' social handles at the top of your guidelines.

The most effective programmes benchmark activity and employee visibility before and 3 months after launch activity.

Post-launch the next step is to supplement your efforts with training. Integrate social media training sessions with your existing training offering. Training on the use of social media tools provides siginficant business value. As well as providing a tangible benefit to employees for their lives inside and outside work, it also helps reduce occurrences of reputational risk and creates the framework for employees to act as internal collaborators and external advocates.

To find out more about how you can further your recruitment efforts using social media download our whitepaper Becoming A Social Business.