5 Ways Tech is Shaking Up Recruitment Advertising

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Creating job ads that jump out to the ideal candidate can be a challenge. Here’s how tech is helping ads make an impact…

Making sure your job ads don’t disappear into the noise when trying to reach the right candidates can prove a challenge. How can you ensure your post is visually engaging, easily shareable and accessible to a wide range of potential employees? That’s where smart tech comes in.

From specially-designed tools that help streamline your ad copy and flag gender bias, to machine learning tech that boosts engagement among relevant audiences, there’s a plethora of new systems and interfaces out there helping to make the job-seeking experience – for candidates and recruiters alike – more efficient and enjoyable.

Our new Innovation ebook showcases a wide range of tools and platforms that you can use to improve and optimise ads. Here’s a selection…

  1. Boost beyond your followers with Facebook Jobs

    Having a social presence is crucial for businesses to grow brand engagement and, ultimately, sell more products and services. But now businesses can also advertise roles on their Facebook page – and reach the right candidates with specialised algorithms.

    Job-seekers can explore the ‘Marketplace’ for job vacancies, while businesses can pay to ‘boost’ their ads and so ensure the readership is extending to viable candidates beyond their followers.

  2. Get better matches and improve mobile-friendliness with Google

    Google for Jobs launched in 2017 and has always been a mobile-friendly, candidate-centric experience. Users can log in on their mobile, browse jobs and set up notifications for new posts from sites like LinkedIn, Monster, Glassdoor and more.

    The other side of the recruitment experience is powered by Google Cloud Discovery API, meanwhile, which ensures job posts get matched with the most suitable candidates. The API provides access to Google’s machine-learning capabilities to power smarter job searches and recommendations within job-matching sites and apps.

  3.  Make posts prettier with Pablo

    Pablo is an online tool which allows even the least artistic job posters to create eye-catching, attractive posts that’ll grab candidates’ attention.

    It’s easy to use, with a range of ready-made templates to choose from. You can upload your own imagery or choose from Pablo’s gallery. Then simply download and share instantly to your social channels.

  4. Rely on data with JobsTheWord

    Talent data and advertising platform JobsTheWord has two main products: a data and insights platform, and an advertising platform.

    Together, they focus on engaging with talent based on data – like finding female Developers near London, for example. Then, it sends out highly-targeted email campaigns, to keep relevant candidates in the know.

  5. Make it more readable with Readible.io

    When reaching out to potential candidates, clear communication is key. We only have seconds to grab the attention of our readers, so measuring and improving the readability of job ads can make all the difference.

    Make sure your ads are as easily readable as possible with Readable.io, which deploys a range of writing improvement and readability measurement tools to help you write with greater clarity and impact.

    To make things even easier for recruitment posters, text that could do with improvement is highlighted and accompanied by a variety of suggestions.

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