5 Technologies Redefining Candidate Assessment

Woman looking at laptop

Where once talent acquisition teams solely relied on assessment centres and psychometric tests to determine whether a candidate was the right fit, now digital solutions are the norm.

It’s now easier than ever to identify applicants’ cognitive characteristics, behavioural traits and specialised skills before even meeting face to face, thus streamlining the recruitment process for job-seekers and hiring managers alike.

Here are five of our favourite technologies making this possible…

  1. Get tech experts to prove their skills with HackerTrail

    The best way to test a technical specialist’s skillset? Create a system whereby they have to hack their way into the job itself – just like HackerTrail. The Singapore-based team works closely with clients to translate their job descriptions into gamified challenges, allowing them to showcase their skills from the first stage of the application process.

    Such an approach to creating job postings makes them far more engaging to a wider talent pool. It also helps reduce subjectivity and drive meritocracy in the hiring process, as candidates are chosen solely based on technical ability.

  2. Assess real-world skills with Indeed Assessments

    Indeed Assessments is an online assessment portal which makes it possible for candidates to showcase their skills right before potential employers’ eyes.

    The portal includes over 600 assessments, from languages or sales to mathematical skills. Recruiters can even customise their own assessment, allowing them to better fit candidates to open roles. Think someone’s up to the task? Jump on a video call and get to know them better face-to-face, thanks to integrated video interviewing.

    “We loved the ability to create bespoke tests in minutes and their focus on real-life working tests rather than opaque psychometric assessments,” says Tom Lakin, Group Innovation Manager at Resource Solutions.

  3. Identify core soft skills with Koru

    They’ve got the experience and they’ve got the specific skills needed to do well in your company – but what about core behavioural traits needed to succeed, like teamwork, curiosity and motivation?

    Now you can find out, using data-driven assessment tool Koru.  Koru essentially identifies a ‘fingerprint of success’ in an organisation – an extraordinarily useful tool but one which needs to be used carefully ensure that companies don’t just hire ‘more of the same’ candidates thus reducing diversity of thought.

    Companies like LinkedIn and AirBnB are already using the platform to shine light on that tricky “dark space” that normally gets overlooked in favour of cognitive competency and technical skills.

  4. Review in your own time with Sonru

    Take the pressure out of on-the-spot, face-to-face interviewing thanks to Sonru.

    Sonru lets prospective employees self-record an interview in their own time, making sure they capture their best side. It also means employers can watch and re-watch the recording on any connected device at their convenience.

    Video interviewing tech is a crowded market, but few suppliers offer clean design, intuitive user interface and a high-touch customer support as Sonru.

  5. Build the perfect team with ThriveMap

    Software platform ThriveMap predicts team fit by measuring how people work. Companies are asked to survey their existing teams to create a hiring blueprint, which ThriveMap then uses to find ideal new members for the team. It focuses on traits such as the top 3 characteristics of the group as a whole, and how each individual impacts on the mix.

    “ThriveMap broadens the questions to ask what environment a person will thrive in and then it asks candidate how close to that environment they will be working in,” Tom explains. “It can help you avoid costly hiring decisions with poor team culture fit.”

Find out about Codility, GapJumpers, MindX and more assessment tech in our downloadable eBook: 13 Techs Rewriting the Assessment Rule Book