4 ways to encourage your employees to update their social media profile

People updating their profiles

In an era of strong competition and demand for top talent, it’s particularly important for companies to articulate their company DNA at every point of contact. By helping your people put their best foot forward on social media you’re empowering them with the confidence to share your employer brand and company culture with their connections.

Here are just a few ways you can encourage your employees to give the best representation of themselves, and your company, online:

  • Consider online when onboarding 
    Cultivate company pride from the start by piggy-backing off the excitement new hires feel when they begin their new role. Just as you would give a new starter time to set up their voicemail or pick up their building access key, allocate time during the induction process to make sure they update theiir profiles before they make the rounds of introductions.
  • Help your employees put their best face forward
    Outfit your employees with a new portrait. According to LinkedIn profiles are 14x more likely to be viewed when they have a photo - an important stat for your talent acquisition teams and business development functions. Bring in a professional photographer to give everyone a chance to have their photo taken. LinkedIn’s Guide to the Perfect #WorkSelfie is a good set of guidelines to follow for those who miss out on the photo session.

  • Celebrate career milestones 
    Engage employees who have been with the company a long time by suggesting a profile update to mark work anniversaries, or after they have been promoted or passed their probationary period. Managers can send out a congratulatory tweet or write a recommendation on LinkedIn after their profile update is complete. Work anniversaries and promotions are also ideal moments to ask for reviews on Glassdoor.

  • Renew and reward
    Larger enterprises that fund professional memberships and certifications can ask their employees to update their online profiles at the renewal period or once they have completed their training. The same can be done for annual external conferences and incentive events such as trips or lunches. If they have won an industry award, organise a small token to be sent to their desk with details around updating their social profiles with their award details.

But isn't this just helping employees prepare for their next job interview?

Every social media profile is a possible entry point for a new business opportunity or candidate referral. 80% of people on LinkedIn use the platform for other activities such as networking, business development and industry research.  Investing the time and resources to make sure your employees look their best on social media is the first step to creating employer brand ambassadors and maximising on their networks. 

- Veronica Valdes, Account Manager, Resource Solutions


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