4 ways artificial intelligence can support your recruitment process

people and robot working together

Recruitment is a high-touch, labour-intensive service industry, so only certain parts of the recruitment process lend themselves to automation.

Understanding inter-departmental processes and cultural nuances, developing bespoke engagement strategies and delivering difficult messages requires human skills like empathy and critical thinking. Some recruitment processes like cleansing data or scheduling meetings and interviews follow specific process flows, so process automation can be feasible and may be preferred.

Here are four potential opportunities for automation and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in recruitment.

  1. Applicant screening
    AI software can learn from employer data to determine what a strong candidate profile looks like. The software can assess skills, experiences and other qualities that successful candidates and employees have, and compare them to historic data to rank and prioritise applicants.

  2. Interview scheduling
    It can be inefficient and labour-intensive for an employee to find availability amongst numerous stakeholders to meet with a candidate. Online tools, such as Calendly, automate interview scheduling to a degree and allow an employer to dedicate their time to higher-priority tasks.

  3. Candidate query management
    Chatbots simulate human conversation, or chat, through artificial intelligence. Certain early conversations between applicants and employers can be limited in content; straightforward enquiries in relation to salary, policies and culture make chatbots and automation suitable in the recruitment process.

  4. Internal mobility & job matching
    Having current employees as a source of talent can foster a culture of career development and personal growth whilst reducing attrition and company ‘brain drain’. Chatbots can be used internally to understand employees’ skills, strengths and career ambitions, whilst recommending career opportunities they may not have considered (similar to the ‘recommended for you’ options used by Amazon and Netflix).

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