5 technologies to help you build a more inclusive workforce

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Research shows that diverse, inclusive and gender equal organisations are more innovative and productive. Higher employee morale and engagement has a direct impact on performance. Here’s how tech can help get you there…

So, how can you ensure your team are as engaged and inclusive as possible, for maximised collaboration and productivity? Here are some of our favourite technologies that can help.

  1. Finetune your job ads with RS Adify

    Ever thought about what impact a job ad will have on a candidate as soon as they’re exposed to it? How hard or easy is the ad to understand? What sort of impression does the ad give of your company? What sort of person will it interest most?

    Enter RS Adify, a job advert analysis model developed right here at Resource Solutions, which seeks out gender bias, ad readability, complexity of language, sentiment and tone in job ads. It then automatically improves their readability and eliminates bias – so you’ll grab the attention of all the right people.

    After conducting one of the largest-ever global job ad analysis projects, we found that senior roles were written in a more masculine tone of voice and that financial services ads were, on average, more complex than legal documents. Findings like these give you the ammunition to tweak your ads to broaden their appeal

    Fine-tune your job ads with the help of RS Adify, and make sure you’re reaching the best talent.

  2. Find, qualify and engage employees with Entelo

    With big-name clients like Facebook, Visa and Salesforce, it’s no wonder Entelo is building a name for itself as one of the best social analytic tools for recruiting talent. Aimed primarily at tech recruiters, it analyses the behaviours of potential candidates, ranking them in order of how suitable they would be to the role and the company and removing the risk of unconscious human bias from the selection process.

    It even uses a specialised “More Likely to Move™” algorithm, finding out which candidates are most likely to move jobs sooner. Once it identifies the most suitable candidates, it sets the outreach process in motion, effortlessly building you the best team possible.

  3. Identify high performers with LaunchPad Recruits 

    “Each main video interviewing platform has its own particular strength, but LaunchPad shines when it comes to diversity and meritocratic recruitment,” says Resource Solutions’ Innovation Manager, Tom Lakin.

    Leading the way when it comes to 3rd party assessment and rich data assessment, LaunchPad picks out high-performing candidates based on their complexity of language and by visual assessment. And it works both ways – it also allows interviewees to review and provide feedback on their interviewers.

    “Want to flag overly harsh or generous interviewers? No problem. Want to identify pockets of potential bias? Again, no problem,” says Tom.

  4. Remove bias with GapJumpers

    For as long as we can remember, a glossy, impressive CV has been a candidate’s most important tool in securing a job interview. But unconscious bias can have an effect here when human selectors unwittingly discriminate against certain applicants. 

    GapJumpers is changing that. The US start-up works to remove bias during the application and hiring process via “blind” applications. How does that work? Applicants are invited to complete an individual challenge on which they receive a score from employers. It is these scores which dictate how successful they are in securing an interview.

    Companies already using GapJumpers to foster a more inclusive workforce include The Guardian and the BBC.  

  5. Create a seamless candidate experience with HireVue 

    HireVue is a video interviewing platform that finds ideal candidates by focusing on most desirable attributes. It then scores interviewee responses during their video interview on over 25,000 data points including tonality, speech and even facial expressions. Better still, its in-built assessment tech eliminates bias means that a much broader range of candidates are considered.

    “AI is in almost all HR tech this year, but few have incorporated it in their core product as brilliantly as HireVue,” says Faye Walshe, Global Head of innovation at Resource Solutions. “Our clients love the seamless candidate experience and assessments.
    With the help of HireVue, recruiters can move past outdated means of assessing candidates like trawling through resumes and handpick the best talent, wherever it is.

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