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Serena Pook

How to Set Meaningful Goals in a Target-Driven Workplace

Here are some tips on how to work towards goals rooted in your personal beliefs and values from our EMEA Head of Talent Acquisition, Serena Pook.
Kritee Gower

Five Traits Every Good Manager Should Have

What makes a good manager? Account Director, Kritee Gower breaks down the five characteristics every good manager should have.
Cathy McGlynn

How Quiet Confidence Can Get You Noticed at Work 

Global Finance Director, Cathy McGlynn shares four ways to grow your career and make your mark at work without being the loudest person in the room.
man looking at laptop

How to Decide Between Job Offers

It might sound like the dream but having two job offers on the table can make for a hard decision. Here are nine things to consider if you’re struggling to decide.
Woman looking at laptop

5 Technologies Redefining Candidate Assessment

There’s a plethora of tools and platforms out there helping redesign the recruitment process – we look at just a few that are making candidate assessment easier and more effective than ever.
woman reading

7 Must Read Books for Women in Business

Books about business have mostly been written by men for men. But some authors are addressing this rather one-sided field, with a focus on issues that affect women in particular.
Liz Newnham

Nurture These Five Traits to Find Your Career Success

Client Services Director, Liz Newnham shares which five traits she has nurtured over the course of her career in recruitment to help her move up in her career.
Sally Martin

How to Identify Your Career Blindspots

Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Sally Martin shares her advice on looking out for career blindspots on the journey to the top.
Jane Hillard

Why Leaving Your Comfort Zone Can Be the Key to Success

Client Services Director, Jane Hillard explains why pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can push your career to new heights.